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I was sick with psoriasis and I was cured with herbs.
After this experience carefully researching the health benefits of foods, spices and other natural ingredients, we created Deniplant Natural Remedies which are natural modulators of the human microbiome.
These addresses diseases autoimmune, metabolic and neurological disorders.






   To buy Deniplant Remedies you must send us the money by mail or bank and after receiving them we send the package by:
-mail - we pay the taxes.
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    More than 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates said: "Let food be your medicine and medicine your food." For us today this paraphrased exhortation has become Motto:
"You eat and heal, if you know what, how and how."
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The natural remedies offered as nutritional supplements, food supplements or nutraceuticals (foods with the role of nutrition and health), are based on licenses and patents in Romania and other countries.
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The use of virtual medical services and natural remedies for medical conditions does not exclude and does not replace the diagnosis, treatment or classic allopathic medical procedures. It is the patient who decides which path to take

In the case of the Deniplant Natural Remedies range, following the experience gained in the 35 years since the first tea for psoriasis was invented, our products are unique in that by modulating the reactions of the microbiome, they can trigger the body's self-healing processes.
Once the causes of diseases are elucidated, we find new ways to diagnose and treat them naturally.
You c
an find the list of diseases addressed by Deniplant Natural Remedies




The price of Deniplant® natural remedies is a monetary reflection of their value, or of the medical services offered, compared in terms of quality and benefits.
The price level depends on the ratio between demand and supply, the degree of utility, the quality and accessibility or rarity of the products.
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The Deniplant-Aide Sante Biomedicine Center has a wide and extensive involvement both in research and in the application of research results.
We discover the connection between the human microbiome and autoimmune, metabolic, neurological and genetic diseases. .
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 The Melotherapy show aims to combine music education with medical education.
Melotherapy is broadcast on Sunday from 12 o'clock and Melotherapy otherwise on Thursday from 19 o'clock on the online radio station radiovocativ.com.
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Personal assistant equipped with artificial intelligence
It is an Alterego Digital, as an extension of your own memory for memorizing and processing all your habits related to your health and your microbiome: food, sports, hygiene, your physical and emotional ailments. The show Melotherapy was created out of the desire to promote both music education and medical education.
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Support group for paralyzed people
Our group aims to support and financially support natural recovery therapies and / or treatments with natural remedies necessary for people with paralysis;

-Facilitating and promoting the development of natural recovery therapies that have not been developed so far in Romania;

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Here you will find some of the correspondence received at our office, and the answers given.
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The Deniplant discussion form was created in 2007 to give psoriasis patients the opportunity to socialize.
Over time, with the emergence of other social networks, this forum has become history
To read the stories of psoriasis patients who have been cured with Deniplant log in



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