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Natural remedies for psoriasis and other ailments

Natural remedies from food ingredients

You eat and heal if you know what, how much and how !

Natural ingredients

Our remedies use exclusively natural ingredients.

Medical conditions

The medical conditions we address with Deniplant Natural Remedies

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The history of Deniplant told by the inventor himself

I was sick with psoriasis.

I was sick with psoriasis and I was cured, without ointments or other drugs, without a diet, with Deniplant – Natural remedies for psoriasis and other ailments. naturally

Deniplant - Remedii naturale pentru psoriazis
sick with psoriasis / cured

Gheorghe Giurgiu was sick with psoriasis for 7 years (1976-1983) and with Deniplant natural remedies he was cured.

After this experience carefully researching the beneficial health effects of food, spices and other natural ingredients, Deniplant Natural Remedies natural modulators of the human microbiome for the treatment and healing of autoimmune, metabolic and neurological disorders.

The research results are presented in scientific papers at international congresses and conferences

How I discovered Deniplant – Natural remedies for psoriasis

To find out what were the first steps in discovering the real treatment for psoriasis, without ointments or other drugs, without a diet, just drinking a tea, access the Chronology or Treatment for psoriasis page.

Deniplant - Remedii naturale pentru psoriazis la adulti
the first tea for psoriasis

8 years after I was cured of psoriasis, knowing that there is a hereditary predisposition that can be passed on to the offspring, when my daughter was born, I thought that I should give her to drink the tea too and I did so from 6 months when he started drinking teas in addition to breast milk. And thus by modulating her intestinal microbiome with this tea, I managed to prevent the occurrence of psoriasis in her as well.

Thus, Deniplant Kids tea appeared later for children who have psoriasis and for those who have parents who had psoriasis

Deniplant - Remedii naturale pentru psoriazis la copii
Natural remedies for psoriasis

Deniplant Kids commercial

Documents certifying the legitimacy of the Deniplant brand.

Deniplant – Natural remedies for psoriasis achieve the maximum objective   of the European Antipsoriasis Guide 2006: “complete remission of all psoriasis lesions over a long period of time”. details guide…

Deniplant - Remedii naturale pentru psoriazis marca deniplant

In 2007, collaborations were initiated with the Treatment Bases from Sovata ,  Calimanesti Caciulata and Herculane ,  where Deniplant – Natural Remedies for Psoriasis or Dermatitis was administered to patients undergoing treatment.

Doctors’ opinion about Deniplant Tea for psoriasis can be found here…

4500 years ago Hippocrates said: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” .

Today we paraphrase it and say: “You eat and you heal, if you know what, how and how”.

Thus, by combining certain food ingredients with the pollen from the plants used in Deniplant Tea for psoriasis, in Imuniplant Tea and in Alergiplant Tea , we created new products – Polenoderm for the treatment of skin conditions such as acne or hidradenitis and Neuropolen for the treatment of paralysis following stroke or other conditions neurological.

These products enjoyed great appreciation at the domestic and international Exhibitions and Conferences where they were presented.

What the press says about the discovery of the treatment for psoriasis can be found here…

You can find the opinion of patients who have used Deniplant natural remedies for psoriasis here…

The discussions that take place at the Deniplant office here.. .

In 2006, when there was still no Facebook, the Psoriasis-Deniplant Forum was founded , the first discussion forum where psoriasis patients could meet and openly discuss their disease. It was difficult at first, because this concept of gathering several patients with psoriasis in one place and discussing their disease did not exist in Romania at that time. Thus, in this forum, 1284 patients were registered and more than 6713 articles were written, and the number of views was of the order of several hundred thousand. The archive of this forum can be accessed at

Hippocrates also said: “All diseases start from the gut.”

Today, discovering the connection between autoimmune, metabolic, neurological, genetic disorders and the human microbiome, we can say: “
Be careful what you eat, you will get sick yourself”.

The Deniplant -Aide Sante Biomedicine Center was founded in 2019 to combine the two sciences of Biology and Medicine and to demonstrate that natural remedies can cure ailments that allopathic medicine declares incurable.

The Biomedicine Center has a broad and extensive involvement both in research and in the application of research results, presenting papers at internal and international conferences with scientific explanations of the modes of action of Deniplant’s natural remedies. here…..

Radio Deniplant

With the team of doctors, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, physicists from the Biomedicine Center, we created the Melotherapy show that is broadcast 24/7 on Radio Deniplant and , two online radio stations, where we transmit medical information on the understanding of the listeners, combined with classical music, thus achieving two hours of melotherapy


For veterinary use, for paralyzed dogs and cats, we have created  Polenoplasmin nutraceuticals  – foods with a double role of nutrition and health.

A puppy from Cyprus who was hit by a car suffered a spine injury (fractured spine) as a result of which she was paralyzed with her back legs. After four months of treatment with polenoplasmin, the puppy was completely cured and after 7 years she was still running freely.

Cases  of paralyzed dogs cured with Polenoplasmin can be found  here …

Deniplant - Remedii naturale pentru psoriazis si pentru paralizia la caini

The history of Deniplant in pictures

Deniplant - Remedii naturale pentru psoriazis istoria in imagini

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