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About Acne

Acne being a condition of the epidermis, it can appear due to a hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands, clogging of the pores. It is characterized by the appearance on the surface of the skin of red dots at the beginning, black dots, white dots, pimples and purulent swellings. In severe cases, they can appear and deeper lesions called cysts. Vulgar acne (juvenile polymorphous acne) affects adolescents, but it can also appear after this period. Rosacea acne Medicinal and professional acne Conglomerate acne Pustular acne Necrotic acne Keloid acne Acne can also appear at other ages in different forms, not only at puberty

Causes that produce Acne

    Causes of acne 1. Hormones – Hormonal activity during puberty or menstrual cycles 2. Diet – A high glycemic diet3. Stress4. Hereditary factor5. Infections in the body Excess sebum, hormonal or endocrine imbalance, genetic predisposition, inappropriate diet, rich in fats and even the existence of a fungus in the body, which favors the multiplication of bacteria on the surface of the skin due to improper hygiene. Medicinal acne is caused by the ingestion of drugs (corticosteroids , vitamin B 12, corticotrophin, barbiturates, bromides, lithium salts, some anti-tuberculosis and immunosuppressive drugs, and in women, androgen hormones and oral contraceptives containing androgen derivatives) or following contact with cosmetic, industrial products (mineral oils, halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons , industrial chlorine). They are characterized by congestive and purulent inflammatory lesions, appearing especially on the face. So we have internal and external factors that we must take into account for a good treatment. We will solve acne on the surface of the skin in vain, if we do not also treat those internal disorders.           In generally, acne is not painful, it is mostly unsightly due to the appearance of those pimples. The first reaction is to squeeze it, but it is a big mistake to break or squeeze a cyst, because the risks are very high. You will spread the infection and the bacteria will create other pimples. And why were you afraid you won’t get rid of those extremely unsightly scars? By applying the treatment from BioBreaza, those pimples will retreat by themselves and will not leave visible traces.

Acne prevention

 Prevention of acne-Never put dirty hands on your face,-Use a soap with a neutral pH,-Do not wipe your face with a rough towel, but dab it with paper napkins.-Follow a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, avoid sweets and semi-prepared foods, fatty, fried foods – Take walks and sports outdoors; – Avoid stress as much as possible; – Do not use cosmetic products bought from markets or heated spaces – Acne does not heal overnight; one must be patient and follow appropriate treatments; 

Analyzes for Acne

Laboratory tests and a thorough neuropathic consultation, which includes various questions related to the cosmetic products used, the factors that trigger the eruptions, the drugs used, the occupation and the environment to which the patient is exposed, and the actual consultation during which the affected areas are examined.
Depending on the established conclusions, I recommend a complete set of analyzes that includes hormonal analyses, ultrasounds and even a psychological examination.
HORMONE ANALYSIS includes testing the number of female and male hormones and stress hormones.
It is extremely important because depending on the result, the doctor may ask for the dosage of a certain hormone that creates a deficiency that causes acne.
Hormonal disorders are associated with acne resistant to classical treatment, therefore it is necessary to treat hormonal dysfunction in order for acne to gradually disappear.
ESTROGEN ANALYSIS evaluates how it is processed by the body. It reveals information about diet, lifestyle and necessary hormone therapies.
THYROID GLAND ANALYSIS provides information on the amount of hormones secreted in the body, the activity and functionality of the glands and the level of immunity.
These analyzes help the doctor to identify the presence or risk of a chronic disease that influences acne or requires a certain treatment.
ANTI-ALLERGIC TESTS are necessary to identify sensitivity to certain substances. Many skin conditions, including acne, are caused by diet and lifestyle.
This test identifies those foods that affect skin health.
COMPLETE HEMOLEUCOGRAM provides information both regarding a possible infection that lowers the general immunity and aggravates the eruptions, but also regarding other aspects less related to the actual problem, acne, but which can influence the treatment.
We are talking here about a chronic disease, anemia or even leukemia.
THE DERMATOLOGICAL EXAMINATION requires the dermatologist to take samples from the acne lesions and examine them in the laboratory to investigate the type of bacteria involved and to design an effective personalized treatment.
Not all types of acne are caused by bacteria, but this is the first aspect that must be removed from the equation.
URINE TEST AND URINE CULTURE are also recommended in an attempt to detect a possible infection that can aggravate or even cause the severity of acne.
ABDOMINAL ULTRASOUND signals some genital pathologies and may even help identify polycystic ovary syndrome.
This analysis is needed to determine whether these pathologies trigger acne or not.
As a famous expression says “Acne hurts more on the inside than on the outside”. So we often recommend specialized psychological consultation

Allopathic treatment for Acne

Drug treatments:
Treatment with local application. It is applied to the affected areas once or twice a day. This group includes antibiotics (metronidazole), tretinoin, benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid. Local treatment is often combined with oral treatment.
Oral antibiotics. Sometimes, antibiotics are prescribed to relieve acne rosacea. The killing of bacteria is not considered, but their anti-inflammatory properties. The most commonly used are tetracycline, minocilline and erythromycin.
Medicines based on isotretinoin – Roaccutane. It is sometimes used in severe cases. It is usually prescribed in cystic acne, but quite rarely it is also used in rosacea. Because of the side effects, the patient must be supervised during the treatment. The treatment is long-term, improvements may appear after 1-2 months. In many cases, the symptoms return when the treatment is stopped, for this reason some patients continue the treatment throughout their life. In certain circumstances, surgical intervention is performed. This is the case of patients affected by rhinophyma, where the deformations are very visible and have a permanent character. Through laser or electrosurgery, the blood vessels and those bulbous nodules can be removed. In order to avoid the unpleasantness caused by the medicines described above, BioBreaza Gclub uses completely natural treatments that do not have adverse reactions or unpleasant manifestations and that remove the internal causes that trigger and maintain these ailments. The body has the ability to self-heal if you know how to trigger the necessary reactions. appropriate;

Natural treatment for Acne

 Since the natural treatment of acne requires the cessation of any other treatment or allopathic medicine for this disease, the following treatment scheme can be applied:
Daily sessions cleansing facial tension sauna with herbs mask with: lemon juice and honey citrus juice cinnamon + lemon juice + honey facial massage finishing treatment
Imuniplant tea 30 doses
30 doses of POLENODERM
ADMINISTRATION: In the first three days, take two doses per day (morning and evening), then one dose per day in the morning before meals. If the body has not responded positively and the development of an infection is suspected, the use of specialized medical treatment is recommended. After finishing the doses, take a break of 7 days and then you can resume with one dose/day. The interruption of the Polenoderm administration will be done gradually after the total disappearance of the problems, with a dose every 2-3 days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), for 7 days If unpleasant manifestations occur, we recommend you to stop the administration. Do not swallow the capsule, put its contents in a teaspoon and swallow with a glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose Keep out of the reach of children.