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Against hair falling

Recoverer of the hair
Against hair falling
Prezentation:A mixture of plants as a powder 100%natural.
Therapeutic proprieties at extern use: Powers the roots of the hair by stopping the falling
Activates blood circulation in the areea
Contributes at regeneration and tonification for the hair
Combates seboreea and the peelings of the hair
Vallability term:2 years, kept in a dark place and at a constant temperature
Preparing way:You put the plants from the box in a bottle of 1 l , and you pour on them 400ml of alcohol of 70% You close hermetically the box and you let it in a dark place for 20 days.
After this term you extract the alcohol from the by pressing and filtrate them in med. lint
Administration modality:Every night you apply the tincture( 10-13ml) at the roots of the hair with a swab as you apply it you make a powerful massage with your fingers You let the hair dry and brush it with a brush made from natural hair.