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Cv. Dr.Didi Surcel

Dr. CS.I. Didi Sorce

A graduate of the Cluj Faculty of General Medicine, she has been a clinical laboratory specialist since 1973, working mainly in the field of immunology, hematology and cytology. Since 1979, she has been a principal scientific researcher in the Cluj Institute of Public Health, going through all the ranks up to the CPI.

Since 1993, he is primary occupational medicine physician, doctor of medical sciences and head of the Occupational Medicine section of the Institute. Since 1995 he has obtained the competence in Homeopathy, and since 2006 he has been practicing Gemotherapy.

He is a doctor of medical sciences, primary occupational medicine doctor, specialist immunologist and hematologist, biochemist, first degree scientific researcher in clinical and experimental research, with competences in homeopathy and gemotherapy

Participated in international collaborations – PHARE Program, 1995-1996; Environmental Health Project, 1995-1996; EHP1 Project Zlatna, Baia Mare, Bistrita (1995-1997); Partnership with Thomas Jefferson University (1995-1997). Communicated and published more than 150 scientific papers in the country and abroad. The doctoral thesis concerning the immunological mechanisms under the conditions of exposure to harmful factors in the work environment, draws attention to two major elements: man is in continuous communication with the environment, either beset by harmful factors, or adapted to new conditions. The immune system has the great merit of continuously watching over the maintenance of human-environment harmony. If the common element of the two specialties is prevention in ensuring a good adaptation to the environment, their achievement is totally different. Medina of work achieves this by applying rigorously thought-out preventive measures, while the immune system, in the conditions of continuous communication with an environment, unconditionally ensures, day and night, the body’s homeostasis, through an entire army of biologically active cells and molecules, with well-defined tasks and well-planned intervention. As an element of the universe, man has incorporated in the depth of his structure everything that exists in the universe. So, it is natural that any imbalance produced in the body has a remedy in nature. This is a field covered by alternative and complementary medicine, of which homeopathy and gemotherapy occupy important positions. Through the major functions of the immune system (communication with the environment, drainage, maintaining the body’s homeostasis, ensuring evolution) the two therapeutic methods, homeopathy and gemotherapy, which aim at informational communication at the cellular level, bring many arguments on their effectiveness, in the most diverse situations alteration of the state of health.