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Cv.Dr.Georgeta Sinitchi

Prof. Univ. Dr. GEORGETA SINITCHI, primary physician in allergology-clinical immunology, superspecialization in pediatric immunology-allergology, primary physician in internal medicine, primary physician in family medicine, health management skills.

Allergology and clinical immunology
internal medicine, family medicine, clinical immunology, pediatric allergology, health management competence
A graduate of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T.Popa” Iasi, she climbed all the university ranks until she became a professor.

He is a doctor of medicine (topics: “Primitive liver cancer”, “Respiratory allergies to pollens”).

As a professor, he led the Ambulatory Internal Medicine discipline, which he transformed into the Family Medicine department and was head of the department.

As a practitioner, he is a primary physician in internal medicine, primary physician in family medicine, primary physician in allergology and clinical immunology, superspecialized in immunology and pediatric allergology, competent in health management.

He established the Allergological Inpatient Diagnostic Clinic, which he later transformed into the Allergology Clinic of St. Spiridon Iasi Hospital (25 beds) and an Allergological Outpatient Clinic, a model for the country.

He taught ambulatory Internal medicine, Allergology, Medical Pedagogy, Methodology, Docimology, Family Medicine.

He organized inter-county and national conferences on Allergology, Family Medicine, Travel Medicine.

He held postgraduate courses with a number of 13 topics.

He founded the USSM Allergology department.

He is one of the founders of Allergology in Romania (1972)

He introduced Allergology into practice in the Moldova area and education.

It has national priorities in allergy diagnosis and treatment.

He introduced Travel Medicine at the national level: a number of 12 inter-county conferences and eight national conferences.

He introduced the first courses in Chronopathology and Iatrogenic Pathology. He is a member of numerous national and international medical societies.

He is vice-president of the Academic Society of Family Medicine. He is the vice-president of the Chisinau Academic Society of Sociology, Iasi branch.

He is the executive president of the Academic Society of Ecology Chisinau (RM) – Iasi branch, being a full member of the Academy of Ecological Sciences (RM).

He received the Seropian award for the entire allergological activity and the award of the St. Spiridon Hospital in Iasi for the entire medical activity.

He was the organizer of the “Second Symposium of the National Academy of Ecological Sciences of the Republic of Moldova” Iasi branch, with the theme “The role of ecology in today’s modern society”.

He has more than 1000 scientific communications in the country and at international EAACI congresses and of the Interbalkan Medical Union and international conferences on bronchial infections, of which 315 published papers, of which a number of 20 ISI papers, a number of 10 books, research projects with the Academy Romanian in number of 12, one international project and two grants.

In the last ten years he taught at the “Apollonia” University in Iasi as an associate professor of Allergology, Immunology, Social Medicine, History of Medicine and Medical Pedagogy.

He carried out research within the Research Institute “Academician Ioan Haulică”, being the coordinator of two research topics: “Doctor-patient relationship” and “Allergology in dental pathology”. In the last three years he has been teaching monthly courses organized by the Scientific Society of Plasmapheresis in collaboration with “Titu Maiorescu” University Bucharest, under the auspices of the Romanian Academy at the Central Library of the Bucharest Academy, with the theme “Microbiome in pathology”. He has been leading the Allergological Medical Center “Atopia” Iasi for ten years.