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Having my father being sick of PSORIAZIS, who succeded in cureing with medicinal plants and knowing that he gave me drinking this tea for preventing too, when I was only 6 months, I have created this tea Deniplant Kids, which is Deniplant`s formula adapted for children

This concept of preventing the skin PSORIASIS disease is not approached on the market yet, and because Deniplant Kids can do this, it`s necessary for it to be present.

In the form of powder obtained from plants and berries.

children up to 18 years old
Prevention and treatment of psoriasis

Exclusively for internal use.
750 ml of tea is prepared and drunk daily.

I’m not; the plants are not toxic.

Side effects:
They did not appear after long-term use.

Duration of treatment:
Deniplant Kids: 1-4 months a year

The central idea behind the creation of the “Deniplant Kids” product was that “Children’s health must be the concern of all parents”

Deniplant Kids tea is aimed at children up to 18 years old whose parents suffer from psoriasis. They will make a cure to prevent the outbreak of the disease.

If you have decided to use plants, it is good to consider the following:

*No diet or other restrictions. If you have been on a diet until now, you will have to give it up gradually, as you start drinking the tea.


Put a sachet of herbs in a liter of water. Add a lemon (100-150gr) with whole peel, cut into slices. Boil until 750ml remain. (The boiling time is 15-20 minutes after boiling.) After it has cooled, sweeten to taste with sugar or honey (preferably honey). If sugar is used for sweetening, it will be put in the water together with the plants, so that it also goes through the boiling process.

The entire amount of 750 ml will be drunk during the day in several portions (little by little) throughout the day.

Also on the same day, boiled lemon will be eaten, with the whole peel, sweetened as desired.

The same procedure will be repeated every day.

Deniplant Kids For prevention Deniplant Kids For treatment

Deniplant MISSION

As a company from the domain of the skin care, we help our customers to learn how to prevent the coming out of skin diseases, how to protect and treat there skin with the help of the medicinal plants without ointments or other medecines, without diet.


The obtainance of a gross profit of 3500 euro in 2009;

The launch of  3 new products for other diseases in the 3 and 4 quarters;

Reducing with 3% the costs for the customers bills by introducing the card as a mean of payment on the internet in the second quarter;

Realising a own distribution network nationally;

The grow of the production capability with 100% until 2010

2 % of the bussiness score to be realised from colaboration with the treatment bases from the bathing places.

Our engagement to customers

We engage ourselves to offer innovative and high-quality products, to improve your skin health and to assure the people all-over the world confort and health by prevention and treatment.

Deniplant VISION

The Deniplant company vision

 In the next 5 years we want to launch Deniplant company, which will have as bussiness score the amount of 2.000.000 euro/year. 

The company will supply for:

-preventing and treating psoriazis skin diseases;

-adjustement of the cellular metabolism

-strenghten the immun system.

 We propose to be recognised in the next 2 years nationally and internationally as a succes producer in the domain of the naturist products.

In the year 2011 our company will set up local representation in UE, USA and CANADA.

Having as motto „Health is above all”, our ideal is that Deniplant Kids will become „A product for each child”. 

Deniplant STRATEGY

The Deniplant company’s products will be first of all 

            Deniplant (for adults)

            Deniplant Kids (for children) 

The products and services form a connection bridge between the firm and the market, so between producer and consumer. There will never be a product born on his own without havine a main ideea, because this represents an assembly of physical elements chimical or of other type gathered in a unitary way, for accomplishing a function. 

For differing from the other contestants’s products, we put a special accent on the quality of the products and the ingredients used. 

In the case of Deniplant, we don’t do only a simple packing of the prime matter. From the experience we accumulated in the last ten years since the first tea for psoriazis was invented, there have been identified the best growers and pickers of medicinal plants with whom we colaborate. 

In the case of Deniplant teas, we sell more that simple plants and dried fruit. We offer ingredient of high quality mixted by our specialists, presented in a package which makes the consumer want to try and give us a chance. Once he has tried it, a long-term relation develops. At the making of the prescriptions has contributed the inventor Gheorghe Giurgiu, who was sick of psoriazis and managed to cure himself of this disease by drinking teas, apreciating the product as beeing one of the richest mixtures of plants and fruits and wild fruit dedicated to teas. 

So the main ideea which was at the base of the creation of the product „ Deniplant Kids” has been the one that „ The children health should be the main concern of every parent.” 

We`d all been children and got sick even just of a  flu or coldness. Not to talk about those children who were unlucky to have their parents sick of different diseases, genetically transmited to them. One of these diseases is also the Psoriazis, a skin disease, with an animus of transmitting to descendants.    

All the children have the right to be healthy, and the parents`s obligation is to make all that`s possible to prevent their children disease. 

Knowing  that in nature there are medical plants which can do this thing, to prevent and even stop some diseases, such as psoriasis, we thought that we could do a very new product for accomplishing this wish-preventing and treating the disease. 

Therefore,our future customers to drink Deniplant Kids tea will be children up to the age of 18,sick of psoriasis and the children of the customers sick of psoriasis who will keep a cure for prevention, to prevent the starting of these types of diseases.

Social responsibility program…


 Motto: “Why bother going to the medical center for every easy illness?” 

Fitoteraphy helps our body to fight agains easy illnesses by simple treatments. 

Deniplant Company organise a popularising program for medical plants and their way of using.  

The reason: Over 50 percent of the medicaments derive from plants now threatened with extinction, because of the massive harvesting and deforesting, according to an International Organization of Bothanical Gardens Preservation organization study. Plants hat in the future could help treating diseases like cancer or SIDA and which are about to disappear before the further researches will be done. At this moment, about five billions people benefit of treatment with these plants, and the researches forewarn us that losing  them will automatically conduct to unexpected problems in         medicine.

 “Fitotherapy is from always” 

The first data which attests that the summeriens used medical plants in therapeutic purposes dates from 6000 years b.C., which were describing various plants used by them in cureing the diseases of that time. In ancient times, Hipocrate, the most famous doctor back then, has wrote the “Corpus Hipocraticus” study, in which over 200 medical plants are described. 

Herodot itself    show us that the Dacians had acquaitances about how to use the medical plants for preparing different remedies. Thus in a viennese copy of the Dioscoride`s creation, named “Of medical matter” written in the first century of our era, we can find 24 dacians`s appellations of some medical plants. 

The latin poet Vergilius, reffering on the rich variety of plants on the Black Sea romanian shore, has declared in one of his writings that “the Port gives remedies”, that many had ventured into unknown, taking all the risks deriving from that adventure, for picking up the healing herbs from the Port. “Many herbs the Port is giving”, he specified. 

The first Romanian Pharmacopoeia, which firstly appeared in Bucharest in 1862, contains 300 simple remedies, from which 217 were of vegetable origin. Later, in the 1976`s Pharmacopoeia, which is still effectual, it was specified that vegetable products are used in a percentage on about 32% in medicaments. 

If our ancestors had used medical plants according to tradition, nowadays their use should be scientifically underlained, according the samples and laboratory researches. But it is done with a lot of  inaction, and very few specialists seem open minded. And here we are in the thid millennium,  having to use the romanian tradition and old remedies like there were handed over from generation to generation. 

It will always be light this ? 

Furthermore, the phytotherapy chapter is far from being closed and this all-around the world, even though the allopathic medicaments industry is more advanced than the weaponry one. This on the first hand, because there are still many medical plants which waits to be discovered or rediscovered, and on the second hand, because even though the known medical plants didn`t reveal all their secrets. 

Thus, this project`s motivation is an ecologically one too, for the pupils, teachers and, generally speaking, the whole community to become aware that they can contribute at preserving the surrounding envirovement, living in harmony with it. We desire that through this project to create an informing and exemplification chain at the whole community level, throughout which  the pupils to hand over the plants`s knowledge obtained at school to their parents, relatives, friends or neighbours. 

If all of this pilot-project goals will be achieved, we propose to implement it int other parts of the country too, in other communities, but also to extend it for the medical plants to represent not only the green space that surround us, but indeed a substantial source of health. 

Duration: The project have a undetermined length and we`re hoping that the included activities can be promoted for a period as long as possible. For that a closer look should be taken over the activities deployed and results acquired, starting with the month of may, when this pilot-project will begin, and all over its progress.

General objective:  

It is written and spoken a lot about the medical plants nowadays, but our project`s freshness would be the presentation of those medical herbs which could be picked up and used in the very moment of their presentation. 

The theoretical part of our programme, presented by volunteering militants, previously selected and trained by the company,  consists in the presentation of a Medical Plants Calendar, structured on weeks (“calendarul plantelor.doc” annex). This way, on each monthly page of the calendar, to be present exactly those medical plants which can be found and picked up each week. 

The practical activity: the programmes leaded by formmaster or biology  teachers, will develop in many stages, consisting in the practical presentation of the way how medical herbs and wild -fruit can be picked up.  

Pupils will take part effectivey in picking up the camomile, mint, box-thorn, wildrose fruts, raspberry etc, plants or fruits that grow in their area of living. 

 The target group: pupils from I up to VIII grade from Bucharest, Vaslui, brasov and Cluj counties. In collaboration wits the County Schoolar Inpectorates and the Bucharest Schoolar Inspectorate there will be selectionated about 3 schools in which this program will take place.          

Direct beneficiaries:




       Parents and students relatives


School Inspectorate of Bucharest

School Inspectorate of Vaslui district

School Inspectorate of Brasov district

School Inspectorate of Cluj district 

Publishing house:

Dacia Nova S.A Barlad Company


Students peculiarity of the main medicinal plants  existing in the area where they live and develop their activity. 

 Ecological informing and senzitising of the communities  where the project developes,according the European legislation  concerning the environement care. 

The acquisition  of every class in schools where the project will be developed,of at least a plant calendar. 


-Project launch through media company:conference press and posters which will be shown in schools and others institutions in the certain communities 

-Informimg meetings of didactic members from participant schools who will promote this company during biology classes. 

 -Eological informing and sensitizing campaign of pupils by brochures which will give them informations about our project. These brochures will be used by formmaste teachers at classrooms for promoting Deniplant campaign.      

-Presentation of the plant calendar


-Students will effectively participate when gathering the chamomile, mint,  wild rose, hips, raspberry etc, plants or fruits that are growing in their area. 


Human: The Deniplant Kids company`s managers, teachers, pupils or even their parents or relatives. 

Technical: Nova Dacia SA company, which will ensure the children`s carriage

                        Fizio-Med SA company, which will overlook the children`s health condition   

      Financial:    Asigned on budget and attracted from donations and sponsorships .

 The allocated budget of this activity will be of 5.000 RON. (1388,88 euro)

1000 RON (277.77 euro)  for calendars 

4000 RON  (1111,11 euro) representing expenditures for displacement, accommodation etc, for the directors that coordinate the activity in province  

 Press release:

Bucharest 15.07.2008- Deniplant Romania has the pleasure of announcing you of the deploy of one popularizing programme for medical plants and their way of use, named “MEDICAL PLANT-SOURCE OF HEALTH”.Thus, this project`s motivation is an ecologically one too, for the pupils, teachers and, generally speaking, the whole community to become aware that they can contribute at preserving the surrounding envirovement, living in harmony with it. We desire that through this project to create an informing and exemplification chain at the whole community level, throughout which  the pupils to hand over the plants`s knowledge obtained at school to their parents, relatives, friends or neighbours.