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EGO application

Personal ego-assistant equipped with artificial intelligence,for monitoring the symptoms and causes of diseases.

-It is a digital alterego, as an extension of your memory for memorizing and processing habits related to your health and your microbiom: nutrition, sport, hygiene, your physical and emotional conditions.

With the help of these data, it facilitates the consultations, making a correct and fast diagnosis, by the doctors who consult. (Details in the section about ego)

You can record so much or how little you consider convenient and suitable for your symptoms.

However, for most symptoms, it is recommended to record as much details as possible – including all the food ingredients you consume, any drink you consume and any medicines or supplements you take.

Also, other factors, such as specific physical exercises, stress levels and environmental factors, can be important to register.

Usage manual

1.0 To use the application go to the EGO from the Biomedicine Center in the menu.

1.1 About EGO page with general information about application.

1.2 About us the page with information about the Biomedicine Center

1.3 Usage Manual Page with information use information.

1.4 Using the application involves registering as a user with username, email, password. This can be done here …

1.5 To record Inform Access your Journal button and open your journal page where you only have access to you, the site administrator and the doctor if you accompany this right

If you are not registered you will be directed to the users registration section.

After registration you can access the application whenever you want.

2.0 Journale page

Cursor Search for previous date

The moon and the current year

Cursor Search next time

View per week

View on Monday

Search records in journals

add recordings in journals

2.1 Adding page

Add a registration (pressing on the sign+add registration open the add window

Registration date- Date can be modified for one registration on another day

Add the title-add the title records (eg lunch) or registration in detail

Details regulate-open a window where you can record other details

Add image- You can bring a picture from your computer or phone

General -open a window with journals on sections where you send the registration; (eg if you want to record a symptom on symptoms)

Create New to create a new journal, if it is not in the window with predetermined journals.

Journals by Section- Window with predetermined journals where records are sent

Send – button to complete the registration.

Save the sketch you can keep a recording in the sketch

Registration can be viewed in the journal window at the day you did

jurnal pe zile

For a new recording, press again on + and repeat the previous steps (2.1)

2.2 In the left column are the colored circles that correspond to the journals on the sections. By the touch are hidden the records in the respective section, to selectively visualize the records.

Pressing again on the circle the recording becomes visible again in the journal

cautare in jurnale

2.3 To seek a registration in the journals write in the column the word or phrase sought.

All records containing the word sought on days and on the journal section are displayed

To view a certain symptom how many times it has been repeated and in what days, look for the registration according to the respective words. After you discovered on what days the symptom was repeated, watch what you ate or what physical activities you did in those days, possibly what tension, pulse or blood sugar you had.

You can view if you forgot one day to take your prescribed medicines

2.4 To send the journal of the attending physician it is necessary to press on the sign next to the browser status bar and in the open window, pass the doctor’s email, your username and password on the ego platform. It will receive a link with which the journal can access with your records

3. journals

Nutrition- a journal where you can add consumed foods and drinks. It is advisable to introduce the type and quantity of consumed foods (drinks).

Daily symptoms – a journal where you introduce what hurts and what positive or negative symptoms you have, etc.

Sport- Journal where you enter data and information related to sports activity performed

Current affections – Journal where you are introducing for affections is currently suffering

Medications- Journal where you enter which medicines you take and their quantity

Natural Remedies- Journal where you introduce what remedies you take and their quantity

Weight, height, waist – journals where you enter information about them whenever you consider to be changes.

Tension, pulse, blood glucose -journals where you enter their values

Tobacco – Journal where you enter the number of cigarettes smoked per day

Coffee, tea, alcohol – journals where you enter data and information about their consumption.

Urine, feces -jurnal where relevant data about urine and feces.

Sleep and rest log where the number of hours sleep night /day and other details about them

Stress- journal where you introduce details about stressful activities.

Date of Birth – Journal where do you introduce the date of birth

Locality – Journal where you are in the locality where you live

Country – Journal where do you introduce the country where you live

Profession – Journal where you are in the profession

Occupation – Journal where you are in the current occupation

Previous conditions – Journal where you are introducing conditions previously (year and affection)

Previous Treatments – Journal where you are off

Hospital hospitalization – Journal where you can introduce the hospitalizations to the hospital (year, hospital, motive)

Treatments in Clinical Studies – Journal where you are introducing treatments followed in clinical studies

Analysis Enter the analyzes performed, results and other details

We wish you pleasant use!

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