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For fixing some affections of the intern organs was created the product as Nutritional Supliment
Prezentation:Plants and forest fruits as a powder 100% natural
Indications:It is a general basic formula
In function of the affection that is followed to be healed this formula is completed with plants specific to those sicknesses
In organic affections like: (hepatite, ulcer gastric, gastrite- acide 
bronsite, astm bronsic, guturai, dischinezii biliare alergii medicamentoase sau alimentare)
FRUCTIMET – L1 for liver
FRUCTIMET – K for kidneys
FRUCTIMET – OR for overrenals
FRUCTIMET – L2 for lungs
FRUCTIMET – V for the biliar vezick
FRUCTIMET – S pentru stomach
Administration:In exclusivity for intern use 750ml of tea for daily drinking 
Counterindications:There aren’t any, plants aren’t toxic.Adverse reactions:Haven’t appeared at long usage
The last of the treatment:In report to the evolution of the sickness.Vallability term:2 years kept in a dark place at constant temperature
The alophat medicine established by the doctor and used until the start of the treatment with tea and will interrupt easily as the affection ameliorates