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Nephritic lupus

Lupus nephritic case study
T lymphocytes do not play their regulatory role on B lymphocytes, which get to process large amounts of antibodies. This is only one of the manifestations of this disease of self -aggression, which may be interested in almost all organs of the human body (kidney, heart, circulatory system, liver, etc.) and can have a fatal evolution.
Lupus is part of so-called collagenosis diseases or systemic diseases, because it affects multiple organs and systems, the disease that occurs at certain times when due to strong emotions, the nervous system can no longer control the endocrine system.

Patient: G.C.- 24 years- Diagnosis: Lupic nephritis
admitted to Cluj and Iasi

Recommended treatment at Parhon Hospital, Iasi:
It started with this treatment and then reduced the doctor, as the disease evolved
• Cell Cept – 2CPS x 250 mg/ day – in the morning at 09 a.m. Fix – 1 cps

  • in the evening at 21 p.m. Fix – 1 cps
    • Cyclosporine – 50/75 mg / day – 50 mg at 09 a.m. fixed
  • 75 mg at 21 p.m. fixed
    • Medrol 4 mg / day – in the morning between 8 and 9 a.m. (when the cortisol secretion of the org. is maximum)
    • α – D3 0.25 mg – 1 cps / day
    • APROVEL 75mg x 2/day
    • ISSoptin 240 mg – ½ CPR/day at lunch
    • Controloc 40mg – 1 CPR/day in the morning with half an hour before the meal

The treatment proved to be a medical error because it did.

Diet and treatment followed:


  • Undeted diet (without salt) and with as few proteins as
    In the morning: – 1 tablespoon of fresh cow cheese
  • 2 slices of bread without salt with butter and honey, or sweet of various fruits prepared in the house
  • 1 teaspoon of propolis in a cup of 1.5% fat
  • 1 stoaceous lemon and with a little honey bees
  • fresh, red, donuts, donuts
  • soup with noodles and poultry (the meat is not consumed)
  • over the salad or fried carp in the teflon pan
  • potato puree, peas
  • boiled potatoes
  • oven potatoes with donuts and tomato juice
  • oven pie made with house dough without salt with cheese or fresh races
  • check made in home without salt
  • boiled green beans with garlic
  • Mamaliguta with cow’s braza
  • quality cabbage (chicken not consumed)
  • Pilaf with meat (the meat is not consumed)
  • buttermilk
  • 1 cup of beet juice per day, fresh
  • half of pomegranate a day
  • 1 graft a day
  • the ficate prepared in Teflon pan
  • grapes, pomello
  • Catina fruits ground and mixed with honey bees – it is recommended to consume 3 teaspoons a day before each meal
  • Immuniplant tea and special 1.5l/day
  • every evening, plants are made for 20 min (approx. 2 months)
  • Special massage done by a secialist from Targoviste

After 8 months the analyzes came out very good
Currently: teas and common sense diet.