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Neuropolen- semiparesis

Left peripheral facial semiparesis

The peripheral facial paresis manifests as follows:
-It can not incred the forehead
-Do not close the eye by closing the incomplete eyelid
-The more open palpebral tank even during sleep-through the orbicular paralysis
-Cumulation of tear secretion
-the transits diverted by the healthy side
-the Nazolabial Santa deleted
-flueliere and blowing impossible
It requires drug treatment (as indicated), kinetotherapy, gymnastics and facial massage (Dr. Cristian Irina)


Left peripheral facial semiparesis


G… D… 58 years Braila

July 6, 2014

I woke up in the morning with my mouth left on the left side

The left eye could not completely close it

I could not speak articulated

07.Iulie 2014

I showed up at my family doctor and prescribed me treatment for left peripheral semi-paralysis: Vitamin B1+B6 injectable 10 days and ibuprofen 1 hours

July 10, 2014

I went to the Braila Emergency Hospital where my vitamins were administered injectable

I was made by MRI-normal analyzes; Lack of ACV.

I have been made the same diagnosis of left peripheral semiiparesis

Prescribed treatment:

Medrol 5 days 1cp/day; 5 days ½ cp /day; 20 days ¼ cp /day


Ibuprofen 1CP/ 6 hours

Total salt prohibition

Artificial tears 1 pic/2 hours

Between 14.06.14 and 25.062014 I followed physiotherapy



Electrical impulses

Facial massage

After all these investigations and treatments, no improvement was seen

Between 26.08.2014 and September 6, 2014 I followed acupuncture sessions on dr. Gheorghe Ion.

After 5 sessions the condition has improved

After 11 sessions of acupuncture mouth went on, I could eat almost normal, I could talk better and I could close the left eye almost completely

Starting with 08.09.14 I performed physiotherapy with Biotron lamp, electrical impulses and I used neuropolish

Apart from the physiotherapy 30min/day, I have performed other exercises, movements of the mouth up and down, vocalization, blowing in glass, whistled.

After 10 days my mouth almost went, I started to swear, drink water and liquids better, to eat better.

After another 10 days I started to be able to whistle on the left side I could tighten my mouth, pronounce the vowels better except the vowels o and u

At the beginning of October, I was able to pronounce the vowels correctly and I could say words in which these vowels were included.

Continue today (21.10.14) Neuropolen treatment