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Polenoplasmin History


Produced under license from Deniplant ®

My first contact with bees, I could say it was when I was born, because at that time my father had two beehives in the yard. As my mother is afraid of bees, she never agreed with this activity. Every time dad walked to the hives, we children would stay hidden in the house and watch through the window as he dressed in a white robe, put the “cosmonaut” mask on his head and with the smoker in hand he approached the hives and opened the lid. The bees seemed to be dancing around him without doing anything, although he was simply stealing their honey. This fascinated me so much that I wanted to do the same. And so, at the age of 3 and a half, I said it was my turn to go to the beehives, and taking a stick in my hand, I started beating the beehives to call them out. They didn’t let themselves be called too much and quickly went out to see who was bothering them. Seeing me with a stick in hand, they started the attack and pounced on me. After the first sting, I started screaming and running around the yard with them after me. My luck was that my mother was at home and seeing the danger, she picked me up and took me into the house. He took out the needles of the bees, because several had already settled on me, and rubbed salt on each sting. The bees swarmed around the house for several hours and in the evening they calmed down.

When my father came home and found out what happened, he gave in to my mother’s pleas and ended the stupor forever. From the honey that had been collected until then in large jars, I ate it for almost two years.

In the 5th grade, the botany teacher, having beehives at home, taught us several lessons about bees and then I understood what a mistake we had made. That’s when I found out how important bees are for food and human health, and I always wanted to have my own bees.

After I started to grow medicinal plants and collect them from the hills to transform them into teas, tinctures and other preparations, I remembered the lesson in botany, with the bees that collect the pollen of the flowers, and I decided to use it myself those grains of pollen for which the bees toil so much.

In the area where I harvest the plants, having a beekeeper with many hives, I proposed to him to bring a hive in the middle of my flowers to have them collect pollen and prepare honey only from those flowers.

Thus I managed to obtain pollen and honey from the plants from which I prepare the Deniplant tea (for the treatment of the skin disease psoriasis).

Knowing that Deniplant plants have special properties and help to strengthen the immune system and regulate cellular metabolism, we used that pollen to create a new product. I combined the pollen with a powder made from cocoa seeds and dry brewer’s yeast because I knew how important they are through its constituents.

I dissolved this powder in deniplant tea and obtained a cocktail full of vitamins and minerals with special medicinal properties.

The biggest challenge was when I had problems with my dog, a 9-year-old German shepherd whose back legs were paralyzed. After I saw that he was struggling, that he couldn’t even eat anymore and the vet couldn’t do anything for him, except for prednisone and some vitamins, I had the idea to try my cocktail of vitamins and minerals that I used to have. And because I couldn’t get Rex to drink tea, I mixed the plants directly with the pollen and cocoa and administered them to him in the cream. Because he didn’t want to eat anything, I put cream on his paw and he licked himself to be clean. Thus I managed to administer my preparation to him, at first three times a day, then after he recovered and started to stand up and eat, I gave him the preparation directly in his food twice a day .

That’s how I managed to save Rex from death, because the doctors had told me that euthanasia was the only solution for him.

After I reported Rex’s story on a forum, I was contacted by several people who had problems with paralyzed dogs. I was surprised by the fact that my preparation managed to save other dogs with paralysis of the legs.

This is how the nutritional supplement that we called POLENOPLASMIN appeared.

Studying these cases together with a doctor, we came to the conclusion that this new product, through its formula and constituents, has multiple curative qualities.