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Neuro Immunomodulator is a natural modulator of the human microbiota used to modulate metabolism, the immune and neurological systems affected by various pathogens.


Neuroimunomodulator – for modulating the microbiome.                                 The neuroimunomodulator is a natural modulator of the human microbiota used in the modulation of metabolism, the immune and neurological systems affected by various pathogens. Being a food, it is not medically certified, but its components have scientifically proven healing qualities. The use of the components of the neuroimmunomodulator in solving some human medical conditions was done long before the appearance of the product under this name.

2400 years ago, Hippocrates said “All diseases start from the gut” Paraphrasing him, today we say: “Be careful what you eat, because you are the only one who gets sick”

In order to avoid this, we created the natural Neuroimmunomodulator which, having in its composition amino acids, vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes, contributes to the healing of the dysbiosis of the intestinal microbiota and thereby the prevention and healing of autoimmune, metabolic and neurological disorders produced by it.


  • carob seed powder=45%
  • cocoa seed powder=10%
  • Coffee seed powder=10%
  • Dry brewer’s yeast = 15%
  • Freeze-dried pollen from deniplant plants=10%
  • Freeze-dried pollen from deniplant plants=10%
  • Lupine seed powder=10%

Presentation form: 60 self-dissolving gelatin capsules

Properties: Modulates the activity of the intestinal microbiome and the lymphatic system, triggering natural defense and self-healing reactions. It prevents the release of histamine. It reduces the level of inflammation at the intestinal level, restoring the eubiosis of the microbiome

Indicated in: Autoimmune, metabolic and neurological disorders.

Administration: Take two doses per day (morning and evening), until there are the first signs that the body has responded positively, then one dose per day in the morning after breakfast. After finishing the doses, take a break of 5 days and then you can resume with one dose per day. The definitive interruption of the administration will be done gradually, with a dose every 2-3 days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), for 60 days. If you cannot swallow the capsule, put its contents in a teaspoon and swallow with water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

Duration of treatment: In relation to the evolution of the disease {2-6 months}

Contraindications: There are none.

Adverse reactions: They did not appear after long-term use.

Validity period: 2 years Check the date on the prospectus; it is kept in the dark and at a constant temperature

Other specifications: It can be used in parallel with other Deniplant natural remedies or with the allopathic medication prescribed by the attending physician.

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  1. johnfraskos

    Awesome product! My dog loves it too.

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