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Psoriasis treatment

How I discovered the treatment for psoriasis

Going on a trip to the Vrancea Mountains, an old woman hearing about my suffering recommended me to read a book about traditional Romanian medicine, namely “Cures and Remedies for Diseases”. I took that old book with the pages yellowed by time, copied it word for word and that’s how I got to know about the beneficial effects of phytotherapy.

At first I didn’t believe it either, but the words of that old woman remained imprinted in my memory even now: “Try mother with these remedies too, because you have nothing to lose.” And I listened to the old woman’s advice, I read the book dozens of times, I started collecting the plants indicated there, making combinations and using them. At a certain point the results started to appear, in the sense that, removing the ointments I was addicted to, I managed to resist only with natural treatment and no diet.

This is how Deniplant tea appeared. You can read the whole story in the brochure entitled “I was sick with psoriasis” or by following the Chronology