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Stress can be defined as an unspecific answer of the body at all the requiring that are addressed to it. It is an interaction between the environment and the person materialized by a tensioned state. We don’t take this stressing situation as something concrete, but we know it from how the body reacts to it. The stressing situations generate stress for some persons, and on others don’t.

The factors that weak the resistance of the body at stress:

  • Unfavorable hereditary. Heredity doesn’ t sit under our control, but it is good for us to know if we have parents, grandparents or other descendent relatives with health problems, with hereditary affections or with predisposition to some affections.
  • The sleeplessness can expose you to stress the next day
  • The wrong diet, if you eat more at night, you wake up tired and your resistance at stress is lower. Big meals reduce you the capacity of adapting at physic or social stimulation. this happens also with small or unregulated meals. The spices, liquids and salt influence the renal functions, the arterial tension, facts that can bring to different negative reactions of the body.
  • Obesity. If you pass with even 10% more than the normal weight, you can affect your health , compelling you to sedentarism and predispose to stress.
  • If you abuse on stimulants or sedatives. If you consume a lot of alcohol, coffee and if you are used to use tranquillisants you small the body capacitation of defending of the daily stimulation.
  •  Smoking- this is totally bad for our body. The only possibility of reducing its effects is giving up it.
  •  The material situation, the level of the income it is very important, cause our whole existence is tight with our sources of income and they can affect our health state.

The factors for increasing the resistance at stress:

  •  By fixing the problems we talked about higher ,we can fight against stress.
  • The sense of humor. The man without humor is more undefended than a wounded animal. Trying to see the full part of the glass, and laughing of your problems it isn’t only a sintagm, it has a profound medical meaning.
  • Alternative stress, as we say ………………. It is also valuable. After an intense physic activity, you can rest by dealing with something else. Change the professional stress with an emotional one. If you can face other stressing factors, you will increase the capacity of resistance at professional stress.
  •  Knowing the stressing factors.. Cause stress is an individual reaction we must identify these factors that produce stress so we can avoid them. As we know better our reactions at stress we have more chances to get rid of it.
  •  Knowing the stressing factors.. Cause stress is an individual reaction we must identify these factors that produce stress so we can avoid them. As we know better our reactions at stress we have more chances to get rid of it.

How do doctors see stress from a medical point of view?
An american researcher said that it isn’t important what it is happening to you but how you take that thing. . So stress must be taken as how each person thinks. Even if stress has the same rates between us, each person reacts differently at it.
– In general hipofiz stimulates the overrenals that starts to produce an excessive quantity of cortisone. This excess makes the body mentain in it sodium and water. Some people can make hypertension or obesity. Hypertension can also cause a coronal attack or a partial paralytic from a cerebral congestion. 90% are predisposed to infarct.
– Some others even if they don’t say anything, they interiorisate their fear, anger of frustration become suddenly pale and sweat a lot. At the blood analyze of these persons they noticed less imunoglobulines- some substances against infections, viruses, or allergies. So they can be affected by artrite, coughs, colds.These are more predisposed to cancer.
– At some others the stress factors developed a complex mechanism that produces a premature olding. these persons are threaten by a decalcification that olds the tissues.
– And the last category are the persons which know how to reglate their reactions at stress and even use them for their own good. They will always say: It isn’t so bad, We don’t have why to make problems, we will fix it,these concentrate on finding a solution, not on crying how bad they feel. For them stress is a biological stimulation.

Stress can also affect other substances from the body, determing an accelerated reducing their percent. So stress eliminates Zn and provocates a hypertrophy of prostate and affecting sexuality. The percent of these organic minerals (sodium-Na, potassium-K, and steel-Fe, magnezium-Mg, crom Cr., selenium Se) can be modificated by continue stress, and also absorbing minerals is inhibited.

At the Cabinet Deniplant – Fitogeriatric and against stress, we apply medical and psihological methods for diagnosing, preventing and treating the state of stress.- general control of stress. The will and autocontrol are at the base of this therapy. The patients are learned how to get over these reactions with psihological methods, as bio – feed-back
( biological retroaction) with some elctoses planted on the skin, receipting some reactions of the body, from which consciously he isn’t conscient.