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What do we do if we have a paralyzed dog

I am writing this article because I went through a similar situation.
I had a German shepherd for 9 years and lately he had become very afraid of thunder. For this reason, every time he got scared, he tried to jump over a neighbor’s fence and hide in his yard. After such a jump (the fence was 1.7 high) I think he injured his spine and over time he started to have problems with his back legs, in the sense that he walked harder and harder and lost his balance .

In a short time the problem worsened, he could barely move, his appetite disappeared and he refused to eat.
The visits to the doctor did not bring anything good, on the contrary, after the cortisone injections, he could no longer stand up.

I, dealing with natural treatments, made a combination of medicinal plants, pollen, brewer’s yeast, carob and administered it with cream. And because he doesn’t want to eat anything anymore, I put cream on his paw, and he licked himself to be clean. Thus, I managed to administer this preparation to him three times a day, every day. After only three days, the dog started to stand up on its own, started to eat and after a week he completely recovered. I administered the preparation for maintenance for another four weeks because there was still some embarrassment when walking and when I massaged him on the spine where the doctor said he had the problem, he still had sensitivity.

After this experience, we created the Polenoplasmin product, which helped many paralyzed dogs to heal. Details about cases of paralysis solved with Polenoplasmin can be found on the website