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A chance post stroke

Generally in recovery after a stroke, time is the biggest enemy. The faster, the faster, the faster the body’s self -healing reactions, in this case of the nerve and neuromotor cells, the faster the recovery is.

At the general level, the stroke occurs when the blood flow that goes to the brain is reduced or completely interrupted. As a result, the brain no longer receives the oxygen and the nutrients it needs. Or deprivation of these nutrients can lead to irreparable processes. This leads to deterioration and death of cells.

Worldwide every year there are over 6 million deaths ago. In Romania, from 60,000 cases of stroke, 54,000 are led to deaths.

For this reason, Deniplant initiates in 2018 the program “A Post Avc” program, allocating a budget of 5000 euros.

Thus we provide free of charge to those interested within the limit of available stock, Neuropolen and Polenoplasmin, natural remedies containing antioxidant, anti -inflammatory, amino acids, minerals and natural vitamins, neuroregenerative molecules. These components offer various possibilities to enhance and balance the processes that take place at the level of the nerve cell and neuromuscular plaque, to accelerate the regeneration of the peripheral nerve sutures, by triggering the self -healing poles I talked about.

In order to enter the program “A Post AVC chance, you need to contact us at 0744827881 or by email at