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Find the documents attesting the legitimacy of the Deniplant brand below.

Documente Deniplant- Avizul de punere pe piata a ceaiului deniplant

Notice obtained in 2003 from the Ministry of Health certifying the right to put Deniplant tea on the market.

Notice for placing Deniplant teas on the market as nutritional supplements

Documente Deniplant- Buletin de analiza a produsului

Bulletin No. for the analysis of the Food Research Institute (ICA) for Deniplant plants

Bulletin No. 2 for the analysis of the Food Research Institute (ICA) for Deniplant plants

Internal and external collaborations
Documente Deniplant- Ceaiul deniplant a fost testat in Germania

Deniplant was tested at the Spezialklinic Clinic Neukirkhen Germany Prof. (Univ Washington) John G. Ionescu PhD Scientific Director

Documente Deniplant- Folosirea ceaiului deniplant la Sovata

Deniplant at the treatment base at Hotel Danubius in SOVATA

Package for the spa treatment with Deniplant tea at Sovata, Hotel Danubius – Dr. Pretorian Suzana

Deniplant at the Treatment Base from Calimanesti-Caciulata Dr. Stanescu

Deniplant la Baza de tratament de la Hrtvilane Dr. Gogaltan

Documente Deniplant- Deniplant distribuit in farmacia Diana din Bucuresti

Deniplant is available in Diana pharmacies in Bucharest

Deniplant opens the Wellness Spa Center at Bio Breaza Club where you can benefit from a complex of natural therapies: phytotherapy, apitherapy, aromatherapy, melotherapy, natural diet therapy, reflexology, detoxification techniques, therapeutic massage, chromotherapy, salinotherapy, sauna, etc.

Deniplant in partnership with the Aide-Sante Clinic has created the Deniplant Aide-Sante Biomedicine Center, which has a broad and extensive involvement both in research and in the application of research results, through studies, conferences, new treatments.

Deniplant has created an online radio station that broadcasts the show Meloterapia, a medical and musical education show on the station on Sundays at 12 o’clock and on Radio deniplant 24/7

EGO Deniplant is a personal assistant equipped with artificial intelligence as an extension of your own memory, for memorizing and processing all your habits related to your health and your microbiome: nutrition, sports, hygiene, your physical and emotional affections. EGO

Documente Deniplant- Brevet OSIM

Invention patent obtained in 1992 for the treatment solution for Psoriasis and other skin diseases with medicinal plants.

The gold medal obtained at the invention competition Inventica ’97 for Deniplant Tea

Patent for natural medicine for treating skin diseases.

1994 Opportunity to apply medicine for the treatment of skin diseases at MApN

2001 Electronic sighting device for infantry and hunting weapons

1986 MApN Innovator’s Certificate Electrical device for preventing damage to engines on tanks

Brevet Decoratie Military Order Class III awarded by the President of Romania

Documente Deniplant- Marca Deniplant

2005 Deniplant becomes a registered trademark at OSIM Romania with the slogan Health above all else.

2007 Deniplant is registered as a European Trademark at OHIM Spain

Deniplant Europeana trademark protected throughout Europe

Deniplant brand Europeana

2007 Certificate of registration of the Europeana brand Deniplant Europeana brand

2015 Extension of protection for another 10 years Deniplant OSIM brand


PFA registration certificate

2002 Medicinal plant producer certificate

2008 Medicinal plant producer certificate

1995 IBM-PC compatible microcomputer user certificate

1994 Certified CNA Novell Administrator

Certificate of participation Course 1 Integrative Medicine with the theme: The human microbiome and Pancreatic diseases Clinical Nutrition

Certificate of participation Course 2 Integrative Medicine with the theme: The human microbiome and Pancreatic diseases Clinical Nutrition and tumor pathology II

Certificate of participation Course 3 Integrative Medicine with the theme: All about autoimmune diseases. Personalized integrative treatments.

Participation in the National Conference on the occasion of the International Day in Palliative Care.


Cures and remedies for diseases – a book that changed my life and made me learn the secrets of healing with plants and other natural remedies

I wrote the first edition of the brochure I was sick with psoriasis in electronic format, the book can be downloaded from the online store

The brochure I was sick with psoriasis, the second edition, where I wrote how I managed to overcome this disease

The cover of the aforementioned brochure

Editia The third edition of the brochure I was sick with psoriasisa treia a brosurii Am fost bolnav de psoriazis

Psoriasis treated with herbs

You can find information about skin in this work

Skin diseases and how they were treated in the 1970s-1980

Complementary therapies for the treatment of various ailments

Brief history in pictures of Deniplant


The Speranta Medical Foundation offers a donation in the form of humanitarian aid consisting of medicinal plants to the clinic::SKIN AND BODY CLINIC in South Africa

2008 Deniplant JA participates with Deniplant Kids in the Company of the Year competition, organized by Junior Achievement Romania, where it takes first place in the country

2008 Deniplant Kids participates in the International Company of the Year Competition in Stockholm, Sweden

2008 Advertising spot for Deniplant Kids presented in Sweden

Video essay by inventor presents the history of Deniplant in brief here..

Support group for paralyzed people. We offer innovative, quality remedies that improve the comfort and health of members, through prevention and natural treatment.

Giurgiu Gheorghe PF member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and the Municipality of Bucharest

Entrepreneurial education courses

Management Education Courses