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Deniplant Chronology In this section we present the history of the Deniplant Brand in images from its appearance until today

Gheorghe Giurgiu was sick with psoriasis for 7 years (1976-1983) and he was cured with herbs.

After this experience carefully researching the beneficial health effects of food, spices and other natural ingredients, he created Deniplant Natural Remedies which are natural modulators of the human microbiome.
These address autoimmune, metabolic and neurological disorders.

Deniplant 2023 timeline

Deniplant begins a rebranding process

Chronology Deniplant 2022

Participation in conferences and congresses

Chronology Deniplant is present at internal and international conferences and congresses.

January 2022

Inventor video essay

The video essay presents a biographical fragment of an inventor who, being sick with psoriasis, a disease that medicine classifies as incurable, does not accept reality and after some research discovers a treatment for this disease, a discovery that later helped
tens of thousands of sick sick to be healed

Deniplant 2021 timeline

EGO – Deniplant

An Alterego Digital, equipped with artificial intelligence as an extension of your own memory for memorizing and processing all your habits that are related to your health and your microbiome: nutrition, sports, hygiene, your physical and emotional conditions.

June 2021

Launch of

Deniplant 2020 timeline

Launch of

March 2020

Radio Deniplant

An online radio station for medical and musical education. The show Meloterapia is broadcast live on and 24/7 on Radio Deniplant

February 2020

Anti-HPV gel

The anti-HPV gel is effective in the disappearance processes of the infection with the oncological HPV virus.

Deniplant 2019 timeline

Vaginal gel

For dryness of the vaginal mucosa in premenopausal or menopausal states


Deniplant Biomedicine Center – Aide Sante

The Biomedicine Center has a broad and extensive involvement both in research and in the application of research results, combining the two sciences of Biology and Medicine.

Deniplant 2018 timeline

Support group for paralyzed people

Sensitizing communities for the acceptance, integration and support of people with paralysis and their families;

September 2018

Neuroimmunomodulator of the microbiome.

A natural modulator of the human microbiota. used in the modulation of metabolism, the immune and neurological systems affected by various pathogens.


Arthropol for joint disorders.

Nutraceutical with nutrition and health properties for joints affected by the immune system.

December 2017

Natural immunomodulator of the microbiome.

It restores the eubiosis of the microbiome to modulate the immune and lymphatic systems to reduce inflammation in the body and trigger self-healing processes.



Natural neuroregenerative nutraceutical of destroyed nerve cells.

July 2016

Nutraceuticals – Deniplant

Nutraceuticals are foods with a dual role of nutrition and health.
More than 2400 years ago, Hippocrates said: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.
For us today this paraphrased exhortation has become the Motto:
“You eat and you heal, if you know what, how much and how”.


Wellness Center – Spa Deniplant-Biobreaza

Balneophysiotherapy helps the body to fight minor illnesses through simple treatments.

March 2015

Deniplant after 10 years

Extension of another 10 years of validity of the Deniplant brand at OSIM

March 2014

Polenoderm – for clean skin without pimples or boils

Polenoderm is a nutraceutical
(food with a dual role of nutrition and health), used as a natural modulator of the skin microbiota, to treat acne and other skin conditions naturally.

February. 2014


Produced under the Deniplant® license for a peaceful sleep, to eliminate snoring and apnea naturally under the motto: “Eat and heal yourself.”


Polenoplasmin for paralysis in dogs

With a composition rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, polenoplasmin offers various possibilities to balance the processes that take place at the level of the nerve cell and the neuromuscular plate, curing paralysis.

April .2012

Antistress tea

For depressive states caused by stress,
disorders of the internal organs caused by stress.
Recommended for people who work in a stressful environment.

February. 2011

Alergiplant tea

Recommended for skin allergies, to medicines, to certain foods or to dust and other pollutants. It contains medicinal plants and buds of fruit trees.

May 2010

Imuniplant tea

For autoimmune and metabolic diseases
Imuniplant tea is a natural immunomodulator of the human microbiome.
Removing microbiota dysbiosis can prevent and remove autoimmune and metabolic and neurological diseases.


Tea after surgical operations

For quick recovery after surgery. It speeds up the post-operative healing process without complications of an infectious nature, the epithelial tissue will heal very quickly (the suture threads can be removed after only a few days), normal nutrition can be gradually resumed even from the third day.

September 2009

Fructimet tea

The basic general formula, depending on the condition that is sought to be solved, is supplemented with plants specific to the respective conditions and berries.
In diseases of the internal organs as follows: (hepatitis, gastric ulcer, gastritis-acid bronchitis, bronchial asthma, whooping cough, biliary dyskinesias)

September 2008

Antidermatitis tea

Antidermatitis tea is a modulator of the intestinal and skin microbiome Dermatitis heals itself by removing the dysbiosis of the intestinal and skin microbiome, without ointments or other drugs, without diet


Deniplant JA Company

The company Deniplant JA wins with Deniplant Kids the 1st prize at the Company of the Year 2008 competition organized by Junior Achievement Romania and represented Romania in Stockholm

March 2008

Deniplant Kids tea

Deniplant Kids tea for psoriasis in children up to 18 years old.
Psoriasis lesions on children’s skin heal by themselves, without ointments or other medicines, without diet

February. 2008

Deniplant at Herculane

Deniplant tea is available in the Herculane treatment base

February. 2008

Deniplant in Calimanesti- Caciulata

Deniplant tea is available at the treatment center in Calimanesti-Caciulata

June 15, 2007

The Deniplant Blog was created where part of the correspondence received at the deniplant office and the answers given were published. The archive of these documents can be consulted at:

March 2007

Deniplant tea at SOVATA

Deniplant tea is available in the treatment base at Hotel Danubius in Sovata

February. 2007

Deniplant in Diana Pharmacy

Deniplant tea can now also be bought in the Diana pharmacy in Bucharest.

March 2007

Deniplant – European Community Brand

Deniplant was registered with the OHIM as a European Community Trade Mark

August 20, 2006

The first discussion forum was created where psoriasis patients could meet and openly discuss their disease.

March 2005

Balneological plants Deniplant

Bath plants, through the active substances contained, have a direct action on the skin or mucous membranes, with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing effects,
sedatives, etc.

March 2005

Deniplant becomes a registered Trademark in Romania

Chronology of Deniplant Deniplant is registered as a Brand at OSIM with the slogan “Health is above all”

Chronology Deniplant 2004

Brochure I was sick with psoriasis

Chronology Deniplant Brochure I was sick with psoriasis which contains the history of Deniplant tea.

Chronology Deniplant 2003

Deniplant at the Clinic in Spezialklinik Neukirchen Germany

Chronology Deniplant Deniplant was tested on 10 patients at the Spezialklinik Neukirchen in Germany and the results proved its effectiveness.


The opinion of the Ministry of Health and Family

Chronology Deniplant Deniplant tea receives approval to be placed on the market as herbal tea – nutritional supplement.

February. 2002

Authorized producer of medicinal plants

Gheorghe Giurgiu becomes an authorized producer of medicinal plants

Chronology Deniplant 1997

Gold medal at Inventa 1997

Chronology Deniplant The patent for the treatment of psoriasis receives the gold medal at Inventa 1997

Chronology Deniplant 1994

Hope Medical Foundation

Chronology Deniplant Speranta Medical Foundation Established at the initiative and through the care of the inventor Gheorghe Giurgiu, who was sick with psoriasis, it aims to support the activity of those who know the secrets of nature in the field of medicine and their implementation for the benefit of man.
Thus, with the help of scientifically based medicinal plants, the Foundation demonstrates once again that certain so-called incurable diseases (for allopathic medicine) can be improved or even cured.

Chronology Deniplant 1992

OSIM invention patent

Chronology Deniplant Patent for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases with the help of medicinal plants.

Chronology Deniplant 1990

How to prepare Deniplant tea

Chronology Deniplant Deniplant has an original method of preparation and administration. detalii aici..

Chronology Deniplant 1989

Complementary therapies in dermatology

The complementary therapies were also before allopathic medicine. Today it depends only on us that we prefer.
This book is only available in digital format

Chronology Deniplant 1989

Skin diseases

Skin diseases and how they were treated in 1970-1980
The book is only available in digital format.
After you have made your payment you will receive a PDF file with the work

Chronology Deniplant 1989


Skin information:
1. Dorphology of the skin
2.Atomy of the skin
3. Physiology of the skin
4. Metabolism and skin functions
5. The skin of the skin
6. The skin of the skin
7. Bibliography
The book is only available in digital format.

Chronology Deniplant 1983

The development of treatment to cure psoriasis.

Chronology Deniplant Being sick with psoriasis for more than 7 years, Gheorghe Giurgiu begins the search for a natural remedy for this disease. After two and a half years of research and tests on one’s own body, the medicinal plants proved to be the only effective remedy against the internal causes that trigger and maintain this disease.

Chronology Deniplant 1983

I was sick with psoriasis and I was cured with herbs

The brochure I was sick with psoriasis, the second edition, where I wrote how I managed to overcome this disease.
The book you will read is the story of a cure, the story of an idea, a patent and even more than that! It is the story of what followed and what is happening today with this valuable idea and with this miraculous natural remedy, in the form of a herbal tea.

Chronology Deniplant September 1983

Gheorghe Giurgiu

Chronology Deniplant The author of the Deniplant project.

Chronology Deniplant 1981

Cures and remedies for diseases

Chronology Deniplant A precious book that changed my life.