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Frequent questions

1.What is Deniplant, is it a medicine?

ANSWER: Deniplant is not a medicine. Deniplant is a trademark registered in Romania and the European Union. Under this brand, Deniplant natural remedies that address autoimmune, metabolic and neurological disorders are produced and marketed all over the world.

2.What is Deniplant Tea?

ANSWER: Deniplant tea is a powder of medicinal plants cultivated and from spontaneous flora in combination with buds of fruit trees, from which a tea is prepared, with lemon and honey, tea that can be drunk daily for several months. Deniplant tea is approved for marketing as a nutritional supplement

3.If I drink this tea, is it possible to cure my psoriasis?

ANSWER: Yes, this is possible. In order to cure psoriasis, you must first find out what psoriasis is. The research carried out after 2010 demonstrated that psoriasis is a metabolic autoimmune condition caused by the dysbiosis of the intestinal and skin microbiome and by a mutation of the CARD14 gene. Deniplant tea proved to be a natural genetic immunomodulator that can solve the microbiota dysbiosis and the skin heals itself from psoriasis. In the Deniplant-Aide Sante Biomedicine Center Library you can find works in this regard.

4. Do you need ointments or other medicines for internal or external use?

ANSWER: From my own experience and that of those who have used Deniplant so far to see if the plants work or not, it is good to stop taking ointments or other medicines for psoriasis.

When stopping the ointments or medicines used (especially those with cortisone or immunobiologicals), due to the reaction called REBOUND in medical terms, it is possible that new points or red spots will appear in other areas where you did not have lesions, but these will not evolve a lot and the first ones will disappear.

If an ointment is used in parallel, the skin can heal on the surface faster than the solution of the internal causes and you will be fooled, the lesions appearing again when the ointments are stopped, until the internal deficiencies are not solved definitively Read the deniplant brochure…
If you can’t stand without them, you can use any cosmetic cream at first, which does not contain medicines.

5. Do you need a specific diet or dietary restrictions?

ANSWER: From my own experience, the diet does not do enough to speed up the elimination of toxins from the body, but it does not help to solve the internal causes. For this reason, positive developments were seen in those who followed the diet, but when the diet was interrupted, there were also negative developments. Man must have a balanced diet. You can use the EGO application to track your body’s reactions depending on nutrition, health, sports.

6. If I scratch and break the skins, what happens?

ANSWER: Every time you intervene on them, you prolong the healing process and there is a tendency to expand the damaged surface. While drinking the tea they will fall more and more easily and this is a sign that the body has responded positively.

7. Can I take a shower or bath if I have sores and dandruff on large surfaces?

ANSWER: It is recommended to shower daily, but not with boiled water, but do not rub the skin after drying to remove the crusts, because you will prolong the healing process.

8.Can I follow spa treatments if I have psoriasis:

ANSWER: Hydro-mineral treatment is an adjunct to local treatment. Mineral water has a local and a general action on some dermatoses,

In Romania, the most used mineral waters are the following: 

Arsenical waters. The most famous resorts are in the region of Suceva, with alkaline, arsenic, ferruginous and radioactive waters in the Transylvania area, Sangiorz, Tusnad, or Buzias.

  • Sulfuric iodized waters: Baile Herculane, Govora, Calimanesti, Pucioasa, Someseni, Caciulata, Bazna.
  • Hypothermal, oligometallic, siliceous and radioactive waters: Baile 1 Mai, Bazna.
  • Chloride-sodium waters: Ocnele mari, Ocna sibiului, Slanic Prahova, Sovata.
  • .

9.Is acupuncture indicated in psoriasis?

ANSWER: Well-known acupuncture specialists have conducted a study entitled: “Acupuncture and Phytotherapy in Psoriasis-Clinical Observations.”

  • The localized form of psoriasis responds very well to associated treatment (acupuncture + phytotherapy);
  • The generalized form is the variant in which the energy imbalances are complex, against a background of low immunity, requiring long-term treatment;
  • An associated treatment, acupuncture + phytotherapy, offers more chances to approach some physiopathological mechanisms that induce the appearance and relapses of the disease, for both forms of disease manifestation.

10. Are there other complementary treatments for psoriasis?

ANSWER: Yes, there are multiple complementary treatments that can help patients with psoriasis.

11. Can I speak to the tea producer?

ANSWER: You can talk to Gheorghe Giurgiu, the producer of deniplant tea or the doctors from the Deniplant Biomedicine Center – Aide Sante, in this way you can find out other things that were not included here and you can make the right choice. You can also get in touch with other patients who use or have used the tea by accessing the discussion forum created for this purpose on the website

12. If I am not satisfied with the results, how do I proceed?

ANSWER: There were also patients in whom the body did not respond positively, or responded more difficult for several reasons, and that is why we provide the SUPREME GUARANTEE. Details here..

13. Is it possible to return a purchased product?

ANSWER: Yes, and for this, proceed as indicated here.