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What the doctors say

What doctors say about deniplant is a page where doctors from different specialties express their opinion about Deniplant.

Balneologist doctor

Dr. Pretorian Suzana
Danubius Sovata spa treatment programs 2009
Sovata cures psoriasis..details here…

Dr. Catalin Carmaciu
A new clinical and therapeutic approach in Psoriasis.details here…  

Dr. Catalin Carmaciu
First choice therapy in Psoriasis – Deniplant Challenge.details here… 

Internal medicine, cardiology, ultrasound

Dr. Preda Nicolae
Primary Care Physician Internal Medicine Primary Care Physician Cardiologist doctor in Medical Sciences competence: Ultrasound
My name is Preda Nicolae, I am a doctor with a residence in Resita, I am the father of a 13-year-old boy who was diagnosed with gouty psoriasis in 2001. The diagnosis was established and confirmed including by taking a biopsy from a specific biological skin product at Spit. Jud. Resita Dermato-Venerece section and Timisoara University Center. The boy followed multiple treatment schemes prescribed by dermatologists, classical and modern.details herei….

Family medicine, general medicine, homeopathy

Dr. Alexandru Darie
Medical specialist MF, MG Competence in Occupational Medicine Competence in Homeopathy
“I found out about the existence of Deniplant tea treatment for Psoriasis from a patient I have in my records. She told me that she has a grandson who had this disease and after this treatment the lesions disappeared completely. details here..


Dr. Manta V.
Dermato-Venereology specialist doctor
“Several years ago, an article appeared in Magazin newspaper about Deniplant tea, in which its inventor claims that it would be good for treating the skin disease Psoriasis. Although I was asked then, what do I think about it. details here

General medicine, acupuncture

Dr. Ion Gheorghe

Psoriasis is a skin disease, frequent and difficult to treat, at the beginning of the third millennium. It is present in the village and the city. The disease is not contagious. Its appearance can be at any age, even from childhood. Its evolution is chronic. Sometimes the elements of Psoriasis persist throughout the patient’s life .

The Polenoplasmin product, containing pollen, carob powder and brewer’s yeast, offers the body a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and even enzymes. It has a rich content of vitamins from group B, provitamin A, vitamin D, E, etc. , minerals such as calcium, magnesium, chromium, copper, iron, potassium, selenium, etc., amino acids such as lysine, leucine, histidine, etc.details here…. Detalii aici...