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Alergiplant tea

Alergiplant tea – for allergies to food, medicine, pollen, house dust, is a natural immunomodulator of intestinal and skin microbiota.

Removing dysbioses from the level of intestinal and skin microbiota can prevent and remove autoimmune-induced allergies.


cultivated medicinal plants=35%

plants from spontaneous flora = 35%

fruit tree buds=10%

fruit tree flowers=15%


Presentation form: dry and ground powder packed in tea bags of 1 gram each. 30 envelopes/pack

Properties: Modulates the intestinal and skin microbiome to remove dysbiosis

Modulates the immune system by increasing natural defense and self-healing reactions. Regulates cellular metabolism.

Prevents the formation of mast cells or the release of histamine Reduces the level of inflammation that accompanies the allergic reaction

Indicated in: Drug allergies, Food allergies, Skin allergies, Respiratory allergies, (to pollen, house dust)

Administration: 750ml tea drunk daily

Duration of treatment: In relation to the evolution of the disease (2-6 months)

Contraindications: There are none.

Adverse reactions: They did not appear after long-term use.

Validity period: 2 years from the date on the prospectus; it is kept in the dark and at a constant temperature.

Other specifications: It can be used in parallel with the allopathic medication established by the attending physician.

How to prepare and use : In a liter of water, put the plants from a sachet. Add a lemon (100-150gr) with the whole peel after washing it well, cut into slices. Boil until 750ml remain (boiling time is 15-20 minutes after boiling). After it has cooled, remove the lemon and sweeten to taste with sugar or honey (preferably honey). If sugar is used for sweetening, it will be put in the water together with the herbs and lemon, so that it also goes through the boiling process.

The entire amount of 750 ml will be drunk during the day in several portions (little by little)

On the same day, the boiled lemon will be eaten, with the whole peel, sweetened according to preference.