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Alimentary supliment against stress

Alimentary supliment against stress
For the persons which are afected by daily stress
Prezentation:Forest fruits as a powder 100% natural.

Properties:A psihic and phisic energer
Powers the immunity system by enriching the natural defense reactions
Reglates the central nervious sistem
Actions on the intern dereglations caused by stress
Actions on the neurotransmiters like serotonine, dopamine, glutamate and norepinefrine.

Indications:Depresive states caused by stress
Dereglations of the intern organs caused by stress
Recomanded to all the person that work in a stressing environment

Administration:In exclusivity for intern use, 750ml of tea for daily drinking 

Counterindications:There aren’t any,the used plants aren’t toxic.

Adverse reactions:Didn’t appear at a long usage

Other indications:Without diet or any restrictions
Without drugs against depresion