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Dr.Darie Alexandru

I learned about the existence of Deniplant tea treatment for Psoriasis, from a patient I have in my records.

She told me that she has a grandson who had this disease and after this treatment the lesions disappeared completely.
In 2005, presenting himself for the annual check-up, Dan Maiacovschi told me that for several months some lesions appeared on his skin. Following a biopsy, he was diagnosed with Psoriasis and started treatment with Dermovat. I told her about my patient’s grandson, although I was not convinced that only Deniplant tea could solve such a condition.
My skepticism was dispelled during several months when I saw in my patient how the lesions started to shrink, and some even disappeared. I asked him if he used other treatments in parallel and he told me that from the beginning he stopped the treatment with the ointment he used and apart from consuming Deniplant tea, he did not follow any other allopathic treatment and did not last either diet.
After 6 months of treatment, the patient’s lesions completely disappeared and he stopped drinking tea. I told him to inform me if the disease will recur and the skin lesions will appear again.
Although I have seen several similar cases, I want to follow them over a longer period of time, to fully convince myself that treatment with Deniplant tea can help patients with psoriasis

Dr. Alexandru Darie
Medical specialist MF, MG
Occupational Medicine Competence
Competence Homeopathy