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Dr. Preda Nicolae

My name is Preda Nicolae, I am a doctor living in Resita, I am the father of a 13-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Psoriasis gout, since 2001.

The diagnosis was established and confirmed including by taking a biopsy from a specific biological skin product at Spit. Jud. Resita Dermato-Venerece section and Timisoara University Center. The boy followed multiple treatment schemes prescribed by dermatologists, classic, modern, which were transitory and unsatisfactory.

Coincidentally, I read the brochure I WAS SICK OF PSORIASIS, author Gheorghe Giurgiu, Tinerama publishing house, which promotes the DENIPLANT TEA product. The reading was interesting. From 18.01.2005, my son started the treatment with this product, fully respecting the advice and recommendations from the contents of the brochure.

Now in February 2006, the boy being still under treatment, I can say as a father and a doctor, that I am satisfied with the results of this natural product, the predictions and prognosis made by Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu coming true, which led me to address his lordship and other people suffering from this disease.

In this way, I favorably consider and endorse the opportunity to promote DENIPLANT tea in any way, because it is a real remedy, which should not be missing from the modern scheme of approaching and treating Psoriasis by as many dermatologists as possible. In this way, I express my thanks to Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu, wishing him continued success.



Internal Medicine Primary Physician; Cardiologist Primary Physician; Doctor of Medical Sciences; ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY