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I was sick of psoriasis

I was sick of psoriasis
I dedicate these lines to all those care with me and helped me when I suffered.
I was sick of psoriasis
Gheorghe Giurgiu
© Gheorghe Giurgiu, 2005 – 2007/


The note of the author
Its own case
Psoriasis and heredity
The basic mains of phytotherapy
Medicinal plants
Pharmaceutical forms under which they can be administered
Medicinal plants
Adjuvant vegetables and fruits in therapy
Water as therapeutic agent
The power of the will and the power of the thought-only thought
Acupuncture and phytotherapy
Polarized light and phytotherapy
Deniplant a patent and a series of ideas in action
The word of the publisher

The author’s note
I wrote these words, with the desire to be a moral help, a ray of hope for those suffering from this
Disease called psoriasis, which should confidently resort to medicinal herbal treatment, ie phytotherapy, when it finds that allopathic medicine can not help them.
From the beginning I want the reader of these lines to show indulgence, not to
Be angry for me because, with the patience to read my account, he could not find the essential elements,
which made me give the title of the work.

The product I describe, however, it is the subject of an invention and it is not possible to disclose it.

Saying “I was sick of psoriasis”, I entered a voiced
contradiction with current medicine. All the doctors told me, as I say to all the sick, that this disease is incurable. I say it without giving it to
Realize that by saying this, I do a great service to the patient. If in The case of a cancer patient most of the time, the doctor does not tell him
In front of this, why is it not the same in the case of psoriasis?
The method used and the past time (over 19 years) since the disease no longer
Recidivate, I think I justify myself to use the mentioned statement: “I was patient of psoriasis ”.
All the doctors told me that the disease can recur after fifteen, even Twenty years and therefore is not a healing, but only an improvement temporary. But I allow myself to make a comparison not exactly timely. If getting sick of the flu and after treatment a month or two
I get sick again; And if coming in winter, this influenza makes its appearance from New, then I am entitled to say that the flu is an incurable disease?
Of course, the comparison is a little forced, but I wanted to emphasize that
Now there is a treatment of internal causes that trigger the disease
Psoriasis and this can be cured, or improved, over a long period
Duration. There is deniplant tea.

I agree that they exist the possibility that the disease to me
appears again. But as I have also said on the influenza, I will treat myself again with teas and you do good for yet twenty years. Do you, Psoriasis sick, you don’t have Be satisfied with this?!
So those who will read these rows and are sick of Psoriasis, I want to find out from me and those who they believed in me, that in the near future, they will be able to they also say:
“I was sick of psoriasis”.

Its own case
To prove the ones written so far, I will start with the presentation my case.
The onset of the disease took place during the years when, being a student of a high school Military, I was very difficult to accommodate the imposed de privations. Away from home, by Parents, the movement in a small space, surrounded by guarded fences,
The impossibility of leaving this space when you want, the execution of activities strictly ordered and imposed, are just a few of the things he had to I support them. Against this background, the stress caused by the fact that a
teacher, for 3 years, in each quarter he put notes so that
I was always kept in the situation of correctness, until the last hour of the quarter, When I was over. Imagine how big stress was in the third quarter, when You knew that if you stayed correct, it was possible to be expelled from high school. And
The last hour came, when I was promoted every time. And as I said, in Each quarter, every year, the drop of poison was administered. On This fund, the body did not resist (I also had a shocking constitution) and I have acquired psoriasis disease.
At first I followed the treatment with different ointments, decapant solutions.
The lesions were cured, but after a rather short period, they relapsed. May chosen that the stress factor was constantly present.
After the Military High School, he attended the school of officers, where stress, deprivations,
They were getting bigger and bigger, and I had to support them.

After the first year of officers’ school, the body no longer responded satisfactorily
At the ointments, the habit and addiction had already been reached. I had to have to I follow a treatment with ultraviolet rays. After a year of treatment, of course
With the breaks of rigor, the following year, 1980, the ultraviolet rays do not have anymore had the effect they had in the beginning. The disease has expanded throughout the surface
The body, including on the head. In this situation, I had to follow for two Monday meetings with PUVA rays. As a result of these sessions, the lesions healed in 95%proportion, remaining only the traces of the places where the lesions were and a few points. In 1981, changing the living environment, so part of The stressful effects disappeared, the disease has not recurred with the same intensity,
so I could return to treatment with ointments, which I followed about 2 years.
Going on a trip to the Vrancei Mountains, I met an old woman.

This old woman, hearing about my suffering, recommended me to read a
Book on traditional Romanian medicine, namely,
“Loads and remedies for diseases”.
I took that old book with the pages yellowed for a while, I copied it word for word and so I have been aware of the beneficial effects of phytotherapy.

At first I didn’t believe … But, the words of that old man, they had me
Remaining imprinted in memory and now: “Try the mother and with these cures,
Because you have nothing to lose. ” And I listened to the old woman’s advice.
I read the book tens of times,
I began to gather the plants indicated
there, to make combinations and to
I use. At a certain time,The results began to appear, in
meaning that, by removing the ointments of
that I was addicted, I havesuccessful
naturalist and without diet.
Thus the deniplant tea appeared.

As a result of this treatment empirical — as I called it then
— I noticed that psoriatic lesions they were no longer formed; The crusts became thinner, they were shaking much easier and at some point in certain portions, they really did not form.
This was the first sign! That hope I have gained and
who told me that once and for all I will heal.
I can’t say that out of that moment
Everything went as I wished,
Because treatment was a continuous
Research, a continuous experience. Have was also times when the body does not Answer as I wanted, when the lesions reappeared, but not with the same intensity. Then we didn’t realize what happens, because it was that
Research on my own skin, with rudimentary methods. I change the formula permanently, as we acquired new plants, believing that I will succeed and want to improve the treatment, to go faster. So I found that any changes I would have made, even if I had doubled or tripled
The concentration of plants, the disease does not heal faster. The body reacted according to the laws known to him only.
At first I made an alcoholic extract and a decoction that I
But to consume a plant of plants that did not have a pleasant taste, day day, month by month … it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Even though I had seen that
The skin heals alone, without other ointments, without diet, more and more
I was tempted to give with ointments, to get rid of faster, because I was tired of by so many plants. That’s how I found that I was deceiving myself. Where more I used fluocinolone or other ointment, the lesions disappeared quickly, but just as
They quickly reappeared. Where I used nothing drug, lesions
They disappeared slower, but they didn’t reappear.
As I stated, at first I used that combination of extract
alcoholic and decoction. Later I found that by entering all the plants directly into Decoct, the results were much better, but the bad taste of the plants was what more and more difficult to bear. Then I told myself I have to do something as
the treatment to be better to taste, to support it easier, not to become himself a stress factor. That’s how I came up with the idea to introduce the lemon in treatment.
By entering the lemon in the decoction, I obtained a soft drink, pleasant to Gus

I did not agree with the introduction
of more or less flavors natural to correct its taste, how
Practice in some teas.
Then I tried to turn tea Deniplant, in effervescent pills, for
to be even more convenient to administer. But The study conducted, showed me that a part of the vegetable products entered by me not can be copied by synthesis and the other
obtained, they can give side effects and effects secondary as they generally give all medicines obtained by synthesis. Of
that one told me that Deniplant would remain
After all, a powder of plants and fruits of forest, a 100% natural product, so that they do not appear sooner or more
late unpleasant manifestations and the patient to
He knows he doesn’t have to be afraid

Regarding the diet of life, I mention that I had no
Restriction, although in that book, this is recommended. The menu was indeed improved with vegetables, fruits, but I did not deprive the body of any another food. I also ate pork, beef, chicken, fish. Whatever I wanted, so that I have led a normal life. I remind me, however, that at first I did not put a bit of alcohol in the mouth. I told myself it would be better. But coming the winter holidays and consuming alcohol in moderate quantities, I found that the treatment was not
affected with nothing. From that moment I told myself that it is not necessary to be private of
This food, because a drink consumed in well -dosed quantities can be considered as a food.
Thus I could take the treatment to the end, until the disappearance total lesions. But this should not think it happened overnight.
It was Monday, even years (two and a half years) when I drank this tea daily.
And since then, (I’m over 19) I have had no problem with
Until 1993, the problem of psoriasis no longer interested me. Were Only two people I helped to get rid of this disease. to
The insistence of some friends, who told me to patent this product and help Several patients, I decided to do this. And I did it!
After obtaining the license of the Deniplant product, I tried to see if This treatment also results in other people and I found that this may.
Thus, about 80-85% of the people who followed treatment with deniplant have achieved positive results. But there were also 15-20% to which the body did not
Answer not to this tea. Thus, if after one – two months of treatment.
He knows no improvement and the body still depends on ointments, the results are negative.
There were people who solved their problems in 5-6 months, but they were people who have exceeded 3 years of treatment. I found that in children, The resolution was much faster than adults, to which the body responded slower.
From the cases pursued, we found that the evolution of the treatment is the following:
First (as mentioned above), it should not be used
ointments or other drugs, of external or internal use. Although one thing Paradoxically, I found that in certain patients who interrupted treatment with ointments for a longer period of time, their body has entered into a
Some balance and lesions stabilized, the disease ceasing to evolve.
As I say, the disease was treated “with indifference” and the lesions stabilized
Only on certain portions. The more the man tries to heal faster and He gives himself with several different ointments, the faster the balance is broken
The body and disease progress, generalizing all over the body.
As long as it intervenes on the lesions, to force the removal of the crusts, with Both the surface of the lesions increases and lasts longer the healing process.
Therefore, I advised not to scratch the lesions, not to force the fall shells.
Careful! The moment all the lesions on the surface disappeared The skin, tea administration should not be interrupted. Must be quit Gradually: one day yes, no, for 2 months. If during this time no longer appears
One point, tea can be permanently given up. This aspect is very important, Because there is the possibility that the skin will heal faster to the surface, and the internal causes are not permanently resolved.
Although it has been so many years since I found the efficiency of tea Deniplant, it did not appear on the market because I waited to convince myself that gives results to as many sick as possible and I have not found a serious partner with to collaborate.
If the theory stated by me has some gaps and can be fought,
No one, however, can tell us, me and the other patients who have accepted This treatment, that we did not cure psoriasis.

Psoriasis and heredity
According to medical statistics, psoriasis disease is not hereditary, but There may be hereditary predisposition. So far it is not yet known what factors Genetics are responsible for this. Still cannot be specified if Cellular heredity (transmission of existing genetic information in structures
DNA) or cytoplasmic heredity (transmission of genetic information existing in extranuclear formations) or chromosomal heredity (transmitting genetic information contained in chromosomes) transmits those information that can lead to the triggering of psoriasis.
Certain that people who are sick of psoriasis can transmit that hereditary predisposition to the descendants. In other words, they are prone to He had this disease. If throughout their life they go through moments Special (physical, mental, stress, etc.) and the body is weakened from the point Immune, there is a chance to trigger this disease. I met Patients, the mother and daughter (son) of the sick, or uncle and granddaughter. I met a case in Târgu Mureş where grandfather and nephew had Psoriasis, and the child’s father did not have this disease. However, most
Patients I talked to told me they had no relatives in the family with this disease.
You will ask what to do in this case.
To answer this question I give you your own again example. I know that I suffered from this terrible disease, when My daughter Denis turned 6 months old and tea was introduced in her diet, from That moment I also administered the Deniplant Baby. So I managed to
I strengthen the immune system and not to get sick. Thus until the age for 13 antibiotic treatment. Each time there was the possibility to make a light cold or flu, I was intervening with the known natural treatments and Thus there was no need for specialized medical interventions.

I met many people, even relatives who have children of 2-3 years old who had medical problems, were calling for strong, antibiotic treatments, to get rid of the child from the disease faster. I would not want to believe that I recommend that you do not respect What doctors prescribe
pediatricians or family, but in These cases, it is good to
think more for Opt treatment option.
That’s why I would recommend you to remember what my daughter has as a motto:
“Why should we go to the medical office for any slight affection?!
Phytotherapy helps the body to fight mild diseases by treatments simple. ”

Next, I present the transcript of several interviews with patients who
used deniplant tea and some cases studied in the foundation
Medical “Hope”.
ILIE R.- 60 years- Pensioner Buftea
“We started treatment with plants to Mr. Giurgiu after years in
which I struggled with psoriasis disease. I had come to have lesions on 80% of
body surface.
At first I didn’t think I would ever be able to do well with this
disease. Everyone told me she was incurable and I would die. But here
that this is not true. Since 2003, since I started drinking
Deniplant tea, I gave up the other treatments with ointments and
The diet I kept for years. Since then I feel good,
The lesions disappeared 98%. Now I have a few more points
reddish on the back and a few white traces, where there were lesions on the belly. I hope that
In a few months, these points will disappear and to definitively get rid of this disease. ”
Ana B. – Pension, 58 years, Bucharest
“I am an old patient, patient of psoriasis since 1980.
The first time I treated with all the ointments existing in pharmacies. I have
Made and UV ray sessions and I still did not get rid of this disease. nay
On the contrary, the disease spread on the body on large surfaces and all the skin
Finding out about the existence of plant treatment from a friend who was
Sick and treated, I also appealed to Mr. Giurgiu. I follow this
treatment for over 3 years, during which time I escaped the lesions on the body
and part of those on the skin of the head. Although I still have lesions, I am

determined to follow this treatment further because I found that it is
The only one who has given good results so far. ”
Dan B. 48 years – Jurist Bucharest
“In 1997 going to dermatology, I was told that I had psoriasis on
the skin of the head.Knowing that my former colleague Giurgiu was sick of the same disease and he treated alone with plants, I appealed to it directly, without following the classic treatments
which the dermatologist recommended me. I followed the treatment with
Deniplant tea for 4 months, in which the crusts have gradually disappeared. I have more
I drink tea for another month, but not every day, but at 2-3 days and since then
The disease did not appear.
I was very pleased with this treatment, especially that it was not hard
To follow and I did not have to keep a diet or to anoint myself with different ointments. ”
George D. 40 years Ploieşti- engineer
“I was sick of psoriasis 15 years in which I was treated with all
the ointments existing in the country and abroad. The disease disappeared, but the recurrence of which more and more often and with greater extent. I learned of herbal treatment in
the newspaper Magazin, in 1994. Reading the articles, I saw that I also passed through
the same moments that Mr. Giurgiu had gone through. From the beginning I thought
What I read, I contacted Mr. Giurgiu, who sent me the plants
necessary by post.
After the first two months of treatment, the lesions began to thin,
the shells to get rid of it more and more easily, to fall like a larger dandruff
(those on the head), without giving any ointment.
After 6 months of treatment, I had no shell in my head. I still had
A few points on the back, at the knees and elbows, where they were thicker and on
larger surface.
Everything was going well, until having problems in the family (I divorced)
The disease gave a little back in the sense that some points appeared on the abdomen
We, and the ones on the back made thin shells. I disappointed a bit,
But after another two months of treatment, the new points disappeared permanently, and
The ones on the back did not make any shells.
Having the opportunity to go on leave at the Dead Sea, in Israel, where
I had heard of the treatment with mud and the fish that clean your peels, I have
Take advantage of this and I followed two weeks and that treatment. Indeed, at the knees and elbows the shells disappeared after this treatment, but at
The return to the country, after a few weeks, appeared again. I continued
Treatment with teas and after another 6 months, I definitely escaped the lesions on
the whole body. From 1996 to last year, I had no problem
with this disease and I did not follow any other treatment. In September –

October 2003, when there were those solar explosions and magnetic storms,
I had problems with my heart and on this background, a point of
psoriasis on the neck. I appealed again to Mr. Giurgiu’s tea and in only 3
On Monday, the shells and lesion disappeared permanently. I understood that there were patients who have had similar evolutions, but I don’t have any problems, as long as
There is this treatment that addresses the internal causes that trigger
This disease. ”

Cases studied within the „Speranta” Medical Foundation

First name F.A.
Prof./ Locality Architect /Bucharest
Year of birth. 1962
19 -year -old
Injuries: on the head, on the neck thick crusts
Flocinolone, dermovate
: 3 months = lesions disappeared totally

First name P.L.
Doctor profession/Iasi
Year of birth. 1954
Ill of 1964
Widespread lesions on the head
6 months with interruption the lesions disappeared totally

First name K.A.
Professional Iasi
Year of birth .:1986
Ill from 92
Injuries on the head
5luni – the lesions have disappeared totally

First name: K.S.
Profession: Eleva Iasi
Year of birth: 1988
Ill 1998
Injuries on the head
5 months = the lesions have completely softened

First name: L.G.
Economist profession Bucharest
Year of birth 1962
3 -year -old
Injuries to hands
3 months with breaks in treatment

Nume Prenume :D.A.
Profesia :Econ Bucuresti
An nasterii:1960
Bolnav :de 10 ani
palmo plantar

First name: P.A-M.
Profession: Eleva Craiova
Year of birth: 1987
Sick: from 5 years
generalized the whole body
3 years the lesions have disappeared totally

First name: A.A.
Profession: Student
Year of birth: 1975 pcs
Sick: out of 78
generalized points 1-2 cm
13 months in treatment

First name: B.D.
Professional Officer Buc
Year of birth 1954
Ill of 1 year
On the head
5 months heal 100%

First name B.I.
The professional profession of Bucharest
Year of birth. 1957
Ill from1999
On the head
3 months heal 100%

First name C.M.
BUC accounting profession
Year of birth. 1950
25 -year -old
generalized the whole body with wounds
Pova ointments, Italy
1 year interrupted treatment

First name D.I.
Economist profession Buc
Year of birth 1962
Ill from 77
ointments, PUVA, regime
9 months lesions have disappeared totally

First name D.I.
The profession of officer
Year births 1954
Ill 1996
Injuries on the head
5luni = no lesions l


First name H.I.
Profession actor Buc
Year of birth 1922
Lesions on the head, elbows, back
2 years the body did not respond to treatment

“Phytotherapy has always been.”
Phytotherapy, sometimes addressing chronic patients, assumes a Long -lasting, well -driven treatment, with the same time observing to the other medical indications.
The first information that the Sumerians used to use medicinal plants
For therapeutic purposes, they are dated 6000 years BC, they described
Numerous plants used by the Sumerians in the healing of diseases.
In ancient times, Hippocrates, the most famous doctor, wrote the work “Corpus
Hippocraticus ”, in which over 200 medicinal plants are described.
Arabs were the first to get herbal medicines under The form of teas, syrups, poultice, etc.
Even Herodotus shows us that the Dacians had acquaintances and used plants
medicinal for the preparation of different cures. Thus in a Viennese copy of
The famous work of Dioscoride, entitled “By Materia Medica”, written in the first
century of our era, we find 24 Dacian names of some medicinal plants.
The Latin poet Vergiliu, referring to the rich variety of plants on
The Romanian Black Sea coast, stated in one of his writings that “Ponta
Give cures ”that many ventured into the unknown, assuming all
The risks that were arising from this adventure to reap the herbs
healing from the tip. “Many herbs are pondering the tip” he said.
The first Romanian pharmacopee, published in Bucharest in 1862, includes
300 simple remedies, of which 217 were of vegetable origin, because May
Late, in the 1976 pharmacope, which is now in effect, to indicate that
Vegetable products enter drugs in a proportion of 32%. Thus, I quote
Some of the most common Romanian pharmaceutical products that have in the formula
Their active substances from plants: codamine, caffedol, digitaline, digoxin,
Distonocalm, Ergomet, Extraveral, Fasconal, Lizadon, Nervocalm, Scobutil,
Sirogal, ulcerotrat, etc.
If our ancestors used medicinal plants according to tradition,
Today their use should be scientifically substantiated, based on evidence and
laboratory research. But this is done with great inertia and
Very few specialists are receptive. And here, in the third millennium, we are in need
Let’s use the Romanian tradition and the Băbăşti cures, as they were
transmitted from generation to generation.
Will it always be that?!
In fact, the chapter of phytotherapy is far from ending and this
in the world, even if the allopathic drug industry is stronger than
that of the armament. It on the one hand, because there are still many plants
Medicinal waiting to be discovered, or rediscovered, on the other
part, because even known medicinal plants have not revealed in
whole mysteries.

The basic mains of Phytotherapy
-Regulums or tips for applying the basis of the therapeutic value of medicinal plants lies the relationship between
The chemical structure of the active substances and their pharmacodynamic action that
it exercises it on the reactive elements of the body. Some plants have
Multiple pharmacodynamic properties due to the fact that most plants
Medicinal have a complex chemical composition, starting from two three compounds
and reaching up to 20, 30 identified chemicals. When we use
medicinal teas or tincture mixtures, plant powders or other
complex pharmaceutical forms containing different active substances, action
Pharmacodynamic can be amplified or diminished. In other cases not only
The wrong association can lead to failure of the therapeutic process, but they may
It obtains contrary, harmful effects, known as side effects.
A correct treatment is done only on the basis of the correct diagnosis, or this
can only be done on the basis of clinical and laboratory examinations made by a
general doctor.
From these data presented, the first principle of phytotherapy, of
Otherwise for any other drug, that is that the pharmaceutical product
obtained from plants to be effective and not be harmful to the body, principle
respected exactly by me. All plants used to obtain tea
Deniplant, and tincture, are not harmful and do not give side effects, even to
long -term use.
The second principle of phytotherapy is the use of plant species as
more suitable for the treatment of the condition of the patient, putting himself
the focus in particular on innate or acquired tolerance and on
the individualized bioavailability of the drug. To obtain some
Therapeutic effects in psoriasis, being a chronic disease, a treatment is required
long -lived, well -driven, made with conscience and respecting in the same
time and other indications.
The third principle of phytotherapy, emphasizes respecting a
adequate diet and other therapeutic factors. In this case, I
I started from the idea that the human body should not be deprived of regimes
Strict food, in which certain foods are allowed and others forbidden,
because man cannot live a lifetime with these deprivations. And there is
and the possibility that at the discontinuation of the regime, the disease will relapse. From this
Reason, I only partially respected this principle, in the sense that I had a
Common diet, but without excesses. At the same time we have emphasized on
The other therapeutic factors, which I will remember at the right time.
The result obtained by me was also due to the fact that the plants
Medicinal is addressed by definition of the body, not exclusively to a
Namely organ, an extremely important fact, being known that the most trivial suffering
It is not kept cantoned only in a particular sector of the body, but renews over it, as a whole, even if we do notWe notice this.
Therefore, phytotherapy is not addressed to the disease but to the patient.
Getting sick of psoriasis and having the dark perspective in front of
so many cases that could not be resolved, my mind has been imprinted on what
said the well -known phytotherapist Ovidiu Bojor, in relation to the mode of action
of medicinal plants on the body: “The human body -it specifies
it – it resembles its ensemble with a mechanism that at one point does not
it works perfectly. Wishing to bring this mechanism to the state of
Initial, we will need to discover those assemblies or subassemblies of
the mechanism, which caused the “flu” of the engine.
In the case of the machine, this operation is simple: we examine the piece with
The piece, until we see which of them produces the malfunction.
In the case of man, for the “car” to work, it should be checked
The condition of all cells, because ultimately, the disease occurs at the cellular level.
Of course, both through chemotherapy and phytotherapy, they are trying to prevent,
or repair the disorders that have occurred. But, the natural “screwdriver” of phytotherapy,
It is a little finer than the artificial of the chemotherapy of drugs of
Synthesis and fits better at several cells, being an integral part of
Life, result of vital cellular processes. What gives us the plant cell of
of her plant, is much closer to the animal cell of
our body.

Medicinal plants
Harvesting, drying, conservation, active principles, action
pharmacodynamic A French magazine published in 1977 an extensive study entitled
“Plants that heal”. The author states that the selection of plants
Medicinal often led to weak results, because it was not taken into account
The opinion and experience of traditional healer, this experience being capable
to provide at least 50% of success. It’s a mistake – he said – to ignore
or underestimation of the popular experience on the line of therapy, transmitted from the generation
in generation. Obtaining effective results by using plants for purposes
Therapeutic is based on their quality, which is conditioned by the content
In active substances, a content that in turn is determined by factors
genetics within the species, the moment of harvesting, the way of drying and
preservation and seniority of plants.
First of all, in order to obtain a quality raw material you must
We know the plant organ with the highest content in active substances:
roots, rhizomes, aerial parts, bark, leaves, fruit flowers, seeds. In the second
row, also tied to the content in active substances is the optimal moment of
Harvesting, a momentary moment of the vegetation stage of the plants — before
Flowering, in flowering bud — and season.
In general, medicinal plants are harvested on dry weather, in the morning,
After the dew has evaporated, or in the afternoon, until sunset. Or,
are plants such as mint, which is good to be harvested after the sun a
sunset. Third, the most correct harvesting method is to be remembered.
In order not to destroy certain species and to ensure their perpetuation, when harvesting
certain rules must be taken into account. In case of organ harvesting
underground, or the plant as a whole, will be left in that area sufficient
plants, which will ensure multiplication in the future years. If harvested
Flowers or floral parts with leaves, scissors will be used. Even from fruit,
We will leave certain quantities that ensure the restoration of the plants.
Also in relation to the effectiveness of the extracts obtained from plants, you must
considered the way of administration and the quantities prescribed.
Medicinal plants may be according to the affection to which it is addressed,

for external use, or for internal use. In my case they were for internal use,
This process is very simple and available to anyone. In this way of
Administration, gastric resorption is reduced to most active principles,
due to the high acidity of the gastric juice. Through the lipid membrane will not pass
The weak bases are dissociated, instead the weak acids will pass and
neutral substances. Of great importance is resorption through the mucosa
intestinal, which has a very large surface of resorption. This way,
penetrate into the body the majority of active, water -soluble principles or
Liposoluble, some mineral salts from herbal extracts, administered on
oral path.
In the intestine, fermers and microorganisms intervene, which activate some
compounds. Also, you must also take into account the mode of administration of
teas depending on the main meals. An important role in resorption
realizing his motility (faculty to move) intestinal as well as
bioavailability of the form of administration (infusion, decoction, tincture, etc.) a
products obtained from plants.
If a local effect is pursued, extracts will need to be used
Liposoluble from plants, which are resorbed by skin.
Hydroalcoholic solutions favor resorption through the skin, obtaining
results especially when a local effect is pursued. To underline is that
The injured epidermis favors the resorption of the active principles, as well as the mucosa,
which being richly vascularized, facilitates the penetration of drugs itself.
In general, I used plants to have the following pharmacological action:
General stimulant of digestive function, intestinal antiseptic, antidiarrheal,
antispasmodic, antivomitive, carminative, choleretic, collagog, diuretic and
antilitiasis, antitussive, antiseptic, sweat, anti -inflammatory, stimulant of function
liver, soothing of the hepatobiliary, sedative and narcotic colic of the centers
Superior nerve, antitumor, disinfectant and healing, incentive in
Metabolization of cholesterol in the liver, hypoglycemic, exceptional vitaminizing.

Pharmaceutical forms under which can administer plants MEDICAL
I will present only the simple pharmaceutical forms that it can
Prepare each of you without any difficulty, under conditions
housewife. For internal use, aqueous extractive solutions, aqueous solutions are used
hydroalcaline, cider and others. Aqueous extractive solutions are the most
used preparations in which water (preferably distilled water) represents solvent
for the active water -soluble principles, contained in the plant raw material.
Among them I remember: macerate, decoction, infusion. When it is desired to
It consumes sweetened, it is preferable to use honey. In case of use
Synthesis sugar, it is good for it to be passed through the boiling process.
Usually, a quantity will be used to be used in 24 hours because they can
It produces changes (chemical and biochemical reactions) in the structure of the preparation.
Cold macerate. The plants used, washed beforehand, are crushed,
is left in drinking water at room temperature for 1-8 hours, shaking from
When in time. If time is extended, myocororganisms can be developed.
We can put the plants to macerate in the evening and the next morning, they will be filtered
through gauze or wool. The macerate can be kept cold in closed bottles, preferably
brown, to prevent degradation under the influence of sunlight.
Decoction or boil. The chopped plant is inserted into cold water,
boils leaving until the liquid boils, then another 20-30 minutes of
Boiling, over low heat. The decoction is filtered hot and can be completed until
The initial volume of water, with boiled and cooled water placed over the plant in
The infusion is usually recommended to be prepared from flowers or parts of
plant with friable tissues, generally the air parts of the plant. Over plants
I put 3 parts cold water and leave to wet for 5 minutes. After this time, they are put
in a plated vessel or porcelain containers, over which water is poured
hot. The vessel covered with a lid is kept for 5 minutes on a water bath at
boiling, and then left to rest for 15-30 minutes, after which it is filtered by
Pressing on a leaflet, or through a gauze.
Syrups are aqueous extractive solutions, infusion or decoction, macerated, at
that adds a quantity of sugar so that its concentration
exceeds 640 g in a liquid kg.
Hydroalcoholic solutions are those pharmaceutical forms in which plants
They are macerated or percolated in a mixture of alcohol and water.
Tinctures. For the realization of a tincture, food alcohol is used by
Various concentrations 45, 60, 70 degrees, in which the chopped plants are held lasting
Higher time, up to 8-10 days. The tincture is used in small quantities, in
Drops, administering with a little water, or sugar.

Medicinal wines are recommended only for adults. plant
The minced is macerated for 7-10 days in good quality wine, stabilized, in
Concentration of 30-50 g per thousand, after which the filtering is done. Their administration
It is made that tonic wines, appetizers and doses of 30-50 g, with 20-30 minutes
before meals.
The cider, are drinks with low alcohol content, obtained by
Alcoholic fermentation of fruit juices, as well as flowers of plants
usual medicinal. Like medicinal wines, are used only by
grown ups. Cider, they can be prepared from berry, seafood, or flowers of
For external use the poultice (prisons), lotions, baths are used
Plants, aromatic vinegar, medicinal oils, inhalations.
Of the pharmaceutical forms listed above, I used with
Precise decoction.

Vegetables and fruits, adjuvant In natural therapy
Today it is already known that many diseases can be prevented, improved
and even cured with the help of mixed diets in which vegetables and fruits
must be predominant.
Their main properties are due to the fact that they contain
Like medicinal plants, numerous active principles of which I would
List: Volatile oils, glycosides, flavonoids, enzymes, anthocyanins,
sulfur compounds, mineral salts.
Vegetables and fruits are also important through their content of vitamins,
these are also nutritional and catabolic factors. Except vitamins D and B12
which are in very small quantities in some vegetables and fruits, the other
Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, are found in different quantities and proportions.
Next, I will list the main nutritional and sanogenetic properties of
fruits and vegetables.
Carbohydrates, especially glucose, levurosis and fructose, are an important
energy source for the body.
Besides the vitamins I mentioned contain, fruits and vegetables
They also contain microelements and mineral salts, such as: CA –
Calcium, na – sodium, k – potassium, p – phosphorus, fe – iron, which are also
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I was sick of psoriasis
indispensable to the human body.
With cellulose composition, fruits and vegetables are incentive
of the intestinal transit, transit with special implications
somatic balance and mental balance and moods.
Of the therapeutic virtues of the vegetables, I recall that celery and
The chicory are appetizers (they contain bitter principles), the radishes and salad are laxative,
The asparagus, leeks, melons are diuretics, garlic and onion are vermifuge,
Red cabbage is expectorant, and the white one is healing.
Of the fruits, the whips have properties
diuretics, urolithic, antiseptics, guts
They have astringent, emollient properties,
Plums of stimulating properties of
the nervous system, detoxifying,
The cherries have a purifying action,
sedative and tonic for the system
nervous. Vegetables and fruits can
consume as such, either prepared under
form of juices.
The lemon, oranges, grapefruit, are
exotic fruits that play an important role in cellular metabolism, in

If in the past honey and other bee products were used in
completing and improving human food, today they are also used at
Combating and preventing human pain and suffering, because it is now known
That the bees added to the primitive product – the nectar of the flowers – fermers,
enzymes, bactericidal, bacteriostatic substances, which gives honey and
the products of the hive certain therapeutic, unique therapeutic virtues.
Bee products that can be used can be divided into two groups. Natural bee products
direct like honey, wax, The propolis, the pollen, the panty Matca, bee venom and apilarnil.
Indirect natural bee products: Hydromel, honey vinegar, turtles and
honey cakes, wax creams,Cosmetic preparations based on product bee.
Honey in combination with propolis and Matca laptişor proved to be effective
In disorders of the digestive tract, liver, In nervous asthenia, insomnia.
In our country, there are many apitherapy products. In the treatment of dermatological disorders, it can be used spray with propolis or apidermin cream.
Honey can be consumed simply, or in the form of tea.
I used as a sweetener of teas consumed daily, sugar. from
Subsequent studies and from the experience of other patients, we have come to the conclusion that it is Very advisable to use honey. This is also the reason why I have
approached this topic.

Water as therapeutic agent.
Water is one of the most perfect solvents that produced
nature, because many substances dissolved in it retains
chemical and biological properties. It represents almost two thirds of
the content of the human body. An adult with 70 kg, has at least 50 kg
water, which is found in its structure. About 50% of the water (water) content is found in cells; 45% in intercellular spaces, and only 5% in the blood.
As in nature, where the water is in a continuous circulation, it also happens with that of the human body. Through the skin, about 50 ml of water is lost daily, through the expired air 350 ml per day, and through the urine, about 500 ml. The human body takes on the water of
which needs, either as such, ingested by mouth, or from food or oxidation — the process of metabolization and assimilation — to them.
In order to regularize the intestinal tract, natural medicine recommends, either the consumption of half an hour of a teaspoon of water throughout the day, or the same dose from hour to hour, during the lunch.
This recommendation, as well as the one I listed at the beginning, led to the optimization of the treatment followed. That is why I recommend that the tea be consumed a little, a little throughout the day.

The power of will and The power of thought, Factors of psychotherapy
Old Hindu and Chinese medicine emphasizes that a detail
Particularly important is the role of thought in individual’s autotherapy in diseases
terrible, such as ischemic disease, coronary heart disease, psoriasis, arteries,
Disorders of blood pressure, cirrhosis, sexual impotence, neurosis, cancer,
And so on
People are enslaved by their own thoughts. Release from under their yoke
unkind (this is the black thoughts) gives the individual, powers of
Divine essence, which is why a great emphasis must be on control over
bad thoughts.
The thought of fear, has the most frightening effect on the human being.
And other thoughts like the one that generates prolonged concern,
The insecurity of tomorrow, suspicions, envy, affects the body, but not
I destroy how the thought of fear destroys it. Fear reduce the diament of vessels of
Blood, as a result of an excessive vomiting of noradrenaline in the blood. This
thing leads to a prolonged subquedy with arterial blood of the brain and a
Other organs: heart, liver, marrow, kidneys, skin, nervous system, so with
oxygen and nutrients, which can lead to organic diseases,
such as coronary heart disease, ischemia, hepatitis, skin diseases, neuroses and
The bad thought or fear, can be due to individual or general causes.
On the individuals I will not stop, because they are largely
due to the lack of education of thought.
The general cause is stress, more commonly encountered in areas
Urban, stress caused by noise, trepidations, vibrations, infected and intoxicated air
Threats of different natures, horror films, a polluted culture,
Consumption of synthetic foods and drinks, contaminated waters, etc.
But if stressful elements can be avoided by changing the environment, in
which are present, the bad thought can only be eliminated by a single
method, namely, re -education.
The general method of combating negative, evil, or especially a
Fear, it is optimism, laughter, joy, eternal smile.
Reading these lines, I am convinced that you will ask me how a
Psoriasis sick to be cheerful and with a smile on the lips …
Of course, I did not succeed from the beginning, but over time,
When I found that the treatment is effective, I became optimistic and I
He realized it was only a problem of time.
A physical illness will affect the mental and a mental illness, it will affect the good
functioning of the body. Vitiated thinking, produces concomitantly changes

destructive of nerve and glandular secretions. Times it is a secretion
of catecholamines, or that in the secretion of the adrenals there was a bad that occurred
causes an surplus adrenaline, or noradrenaline. For
The body is very bad, because it generates sometimes lethal states,
somatic cells can be intoxicated, or serious disorders or accidents may occur
of blood vessels. Depression may occur in certain nervous centers or
spiritual; blood can be poisoned with all chemical essences elaborated in
The time of the negative shock, produced by the bad thought. All organs in the tractus
Digestive, will endure an extremely dangerous poison (stomach, liver,
The cholecyst, pancreas, intestines, digestion itself becomes
problematic and from here all the negative consequences arising from a
intoxication of all digestive juices.
I will end this chapter with a last example of the action
self -suggestion.
Many people as they get older, they say “they are what
In the older, more ill and more powerless. ” These thoughts create
Dangerous stops in all its structures, producing wrinkling, drying and
Silge of the skin, shocks of their glands that have their psyche, like all
internal organs. They are shocked, scared of bad thoughts, leading to
sudden, sometimes irreversible deterioration of their functions, or in
The happiest case, at regretable uses. The wear of the blood vessels, the fall
Hair, cirrhosis, etc ..
Keeping a good mood, of juvenile thoughts, tones a moment of
moment the body, it rejuvenates it. Thinking we are 18, our cells
they will restore the nucleus and get the tone and will of a teenager and vice versa.
Being sick of psoriasis, the thought that the treatment followed will bring us
Improvement, healing, will make this heal appear faster.
These observations, even if they are not based on consecrated theories (although there is a
Sophisticated theory, quantum physics, quantum mechanics and biophysics/biochemistry
quantum), are obtained from their own experience and discussions with other patients
who used deniplant tea. I have come to the conclusion that it is acting
On the internal causes that trigger this disease and for this reason, not
External treatment is required; Because there is a close connection between
internal organs and skin.
Thus, it can be remembered:

  • thyroid, largely influences the general appearance of the skin;
    Development of hair and secretion of the sweat glands;
    -Hypofunction of the adrenal glands, leads to skin pigmentation (the disease
    -Secreation of gonads, regulates the appearance of the hair according to sex
    as well as the evolution of diseases such as acne;
    -liver effects, influence the coloring and appearance of the skin;
    -The deficient functioning of liver cells can lead to hepatitis
    to metabolic disturbances in the skin (coloring, yellowing of mucous membranes and
    skin due to bilirubin deposits), in cirrhosis to hyperpigmentation of the parts
    discovered of the skin, can lead to allergic reactions with skin manifestation;
  • -Visceral cancers can lead to the skin to metastases and changes
  • paraneoplastic. Metastases, have the appearance of purple nodules that
  • They ulcerate quickly, have the appearance of “alice” and are located in the skin, near
  • tumor or operative scar;
  • -Cancles mammary, pulmonary, gastric, ovarian, uterine, lead to
  • skin metastases;
  • -The thyroid officer together with the heat, with stress, can lead to
  • abundant sweating;
  • -Miczees, metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiency, anemia, disorders
  • of the liver and other internal organs, can lead to thickened nails,
  • Springic, brittle, soft, when changing color and shape, at striations on
  • their surface.
  • It is known that any substance placed on the skin in 24 hours, circulates through
  • through blood throughout the body. That is why it is very important to be
  • Pay attention to what ointments or what solutions for external use we use. Of course I met and
  • Serious cases where the interruption of ointments was not possible from the first
  • moment. They used a simple face cream at first alternating with
  • The ointment, then only the simple cream, that in the end to give up this
  • cream. Thus they realized that the body responded to this treatment and
  • The skin has healed alone.

Acupuncture and phytotherapy
Acupuncture treatment has been mentioned and described briefly for
The first time in our country, by N. Vătămanu, in the monograph “Reflexotherapy
Modern ”, published at the“ Orientarea ”Publishing House in 1934.
The initiator of the acupuncture practiced in us was Ion Bratu (1910-1965),
first -order medical presonity at that time. In 1973, took place at
Bucharest The first “national acupunti symposium”, the works presented
Then, being gathered in a volume entitled “The acupuncture manual”
(N.n. Gheorghiu, Cr. Dragomirescu, C. Răuţ, C. Ionescu-Târgovişte, Şt. Ciuca)
CONGRESS International of Acupuncture and Applied technology held at
Bucharest in the year 1977, resumed the string symposia nationally then to
present in Romania.
Being presentto such a Congress, what had
Place at the National Acupuncture and Homeopathy Center in 2002, I read
About a work presented by two doctors, renowned specialists in
acupuncture, Dr. Corneliu Moldovan and Dr. Ion Gheorghe.
The work was entitled “Acupuncture and phytotherapy in psoriasis –
Clinical observations ”.
The results of a study conducted on 20 patients, of which::

  • 12 with localized psoriasis (elbows, knees, head skin), 5
    female, 7 male;
  • 8 with generalized psoriasis: 5 female, 3 male.
    Age: 19 – 54 years old, with a high weight at the age group 20-30 (10
    cases ).
    All patients were in chronic allopathic treatment with temporary improvements, in
    Some cases recurrence of psoriasis elements, immediately after interruption
    Energy diagnosis:
  • psoriasis – wind syndrome – leather heat + xue = 9 cases;
  • Psoriasis – wind syndrome – dry and xue = 11 cases.
    Treatment used: A. -Acuptuity + B. -pitotherapy;

A. acupuncture. The principles of acupuncture treatment were:

  • activation of the energy circulation;
  • activation of local blood microcirculation;
  • cooling of the blood;
  • removal of stasis and pathogen;
  • wetting dryness.
    Points selection:
  • depending on the classification in the 2 energy syndromes;
  • depending on the location of the psoriasis lesions.
    Main points:
    V 20 – Pishu, V 13 – Feishu, V 17 – Geshu.
    Side points:
  • S 36 – Zusanli and VS 6 -Neiguan – location on the chest and
  • VG 20 – Baihui – location on the skin of the head;
  • IG 11 – Quchi and TF 5 – Waiguan – upper limbs;
  • SP 10 – Xuehai, VB 31 – Fengshi – and SP 6 – Sanyinjiao – Member
    Rhythm: 1 session at 2 days x 8 sessions / series; 4 series / year.
    B. phytotherapy.
    During the treatment and in the break between the acupuncture series, the sick
    followed phytotherapy daily, with the product deniplant,
    an association of plants with the role of:
     Increased elimination power of
    the skin,
     Stimulating immunity,
     Stress reduction,
     stimulation of the liver
    The patients were clinically followed
    over a period of 5 years.
    -Semeter the lesions after the first
    4-6 acupuncture sessions;
    -Dispare the lesions after 3 series of
    associated treatment (acupuncture +
    phytotherapy) in all patients with
    localized psoriasis;
  • in cases of psoriasis
    generalized, the improvements were
    obtained after 10 months – 2 years of
    associated treatment;
  • disappearance of lesions to 80% of
    sick (no relapses in
    the period of 2-3 years).
  • The conclusions of this study were:
  • The form located by psoriasis responds very well to associated treatment
    (acupuncture + phytotherapy);
  • the generalized form, is the option in which energy imbalances are
    complexes, on a low immunity background, requiring long treatment
  • an associated treatment, acupuncture + phytotherapy, offers more chances
    approaching some physiopathological mechanisms that induce the appearance and relapses
    The disease, for both forms of manifestation of the disease.
    So, by applying these two natural treatments,
    Psoriazi can be controlled and controlled.

Polarized light and phytotherapy
Polarized light together with plants can influence
Beneficial health of the human body
The human body consists of 100% of the cells … more precisely, from approx. 60-70
millions of cells. In these cells, chemical, physical processes take place. For
The cellular system can work, it needs a certain energy,
that comes from elements such as light, air, water, but also from nutrients and
positive electromagnetic waves, which come from our environment.
So if we want to keep the body healthy, it is necessary to
We can influence the biological system in a positive way, we can activate the capabilities
of self -defense of the body, we can eliminate stress factors and we can
Activate regenerative processes. Polarized light therapy beyond the fact
that can be combined without problems with other forms of treatment, support them and
It complements them, this acting efficiently in the depth of the tissues.
The bioptron, uses linearly polarized light with the length of
wave of 400 – 2000 Nm.

The bright waves emitted by this device cover the light from light
visible, at hot (warm) infrared waves. Do not contain ultraviolet waves and
having an energy of 40MW/cm2
, are not dangerous to the body.
The way of action of the polarized light.
After many years of research in the medical field, the module has been demonstrated
in which polarized light acts on biological cells and processes.
Thus, exposure to polarized light exerts a complex influence
on the body.
The following factors of direct influence can be distinguished:
-the action of the electromagnetic light waves;
-thermal factors;
-factors dependent on the biological properties of the cells;
-optics (reflection coefficient);
-permeability coefficient;
-absorption coefficient;
Under the influence of polarized light, the energy activity of
cell membrane.
Regeneration processes are activated, oxygen absorption in tissues and
Bioenergetic potential, grow.
Increasing the negative tasks of the cell electric field, changes
Positive the activity of the cell membrane, favors the exchange of substances and
cellular regenerative processes.
Regeneration and normalization of tissues is a consequence of growth
the cellular energy potential.
The polarized light favors the overall state of health and strengthens
the body. It is fully accepted in the therapeutic field, because:
-it has therapeutic influence in many conditions;
-Unknown side effects are not known.

-the use is without direct contact and is antiseptic;
-The use of polarized light ideally complements the traditional forms of
The spectrum of use of bioptron apparatus with polarized light in
dermatology, includes all skin disorders with allergic etiology or
infectious. Polarized light treatment is also an important therapy
additional to traditional dermatological treatments.
In treating psoriasis skin disease with the help of plants, respectively with
Deniplant, I sought to remove the internal deficiencies that lead to the appearance of
to this disease, resulting in the healing of the epithelial tissue. from
This reason, the duration of treatment is sometimes quite high (from a few months
a few years old).
I noticed that using in parallel the treatment with the denipant and
Treatment with polarized light, the process of healing epithelial tissues
It is done faster. But in this case, it is worth noting that in
The moment of healing on the surface of the epithelial tissue should not be interrupted
Deniplant treatment because there is the possibility that those problems
interior that cause the disease to have not been resolved (even if on the outside no longer
are signs). For this reason, it is necessary to continue another period of
Time of plant treatment (with breaks a day, two, etc.). If in this
Period of treatment with breaks no longer appears any epithelial lesion, it can be
He considered the treatment to be permanently interrupted.
As in the case of psoriasis when polarized light acts on
Destroyed epithelial tissues, also needing internal treatment and in other
The conditions are recommended to proceed in a similar way. Either it is called
to allopathic medicine, using the drugs obtained by synthesis or se
appeals to phytotherapeutic products.
Bioptron mobile lamp, was specially designed for use at
home, as directed by the attending physician, who is able to
establishes and evaluates the healing process. I will list some affections
in which phytotherapy combines very well with treatment with polarized light.

Deniplant: a patent and a series
Ideas in action
This chapter is a special one. He will suffer many changes and a lot
Updates in future editions of the book, so in accordance with the publisher of this
Versions, I chose a special structure for this section of the book.
The material presented here requires to be connected to the Internet, because
You will access pages from the Internet so you can benefit from maximum
of information, from multiple sources. As can be seen in the May Table
Down, we have different sections. Each title in the table represents a connection
to that section, where you will find more information and
Ties to documents on the Internet.
Present, test products, perspectives, opinions and reactions

  1. Products 5. What do patients say
  2. Perspectives 6. Forum
  3. Balneophitotherapy 7. Blog
  4. What do the doctors say 8. The author on the Internet
    Bioregenerator epithelial regenerator of hair
    Immuniplant fructimet
    Plants for balneological baths food supplement

Epithelial bioregenerator
Presentation: in the form of a concentrated solution.
Action: anti -inflammatory, antiseptic, antipruriginal, anti -allergic, hemostatic;
Eases the penetration of active substances into the skin.
Indications: In injury
Of the skin
-Prepress bleeding very quickly; -the infection comes;
-it comes to necrosis of the skin.
-rejuvenates the destroyed tissue very quickly; -the injuries of the lesion
disappear in a short time.
-in superficial lesions there is no need for dressing;
-the lesion is kept clean, facilitating the cleaning.
In burns
-Despare the sting and pain; -Rejuke very quickly
destroyed tissue.
-If pustules were formed, they withdraw;
-It comes from infection and necrosis of the skin.
-occlusive dressing is required; -the lesion is
Keep clean by eases cleaning.
In treatments
-it comes and removes acne, rebellious baskets;
-Inecăcă the injured tissue without leaving traces
-At the appearance of sub-dermal problems, stops
the inflammatory process.
-rejuvenates the inflamed eye conjunctival tissue.
In surgery
Plastic and
-Favorizes the rapid restoration of the graft tissue;
-Execies the possibility of infection.
Administration applies to repeatedly lesion, after penetrating the skin,
Until the disappearance of sting and pain, then rare applications (3 – 4i per day)
until complete healing.

Presentation: plants and berries in the form of powder; 100%
Action: -physical and mental energy; -Definthoxic; -Remineralizing;
-strengthens the immune system, increasing the natural reactions of
-It regulates cellular metabolism
Indications: It regulates cellular metabolism.
Strengthens the immune system
Drug or food allergies
Administration exclusively for internal use; 750 ml tea, which is drunk

Plants for spa baths
Presentation: in the form of plant powder, or shredded plants
Action: Plants for baths, through the active substances contained, have a
direct action at the level of the teguments or mucous membranes, with
Antiseptic, anti -inflammatory, healing, sedative effects,
And so on During treatment with spa plants, the network
The capillary of the skin manages to storage 1/3 of the blood
circulating, by removing it from a series of large deposits, as
The liver, spleen, lungs, etc., default their decongestion and
Introducing it then into the normal blood circuit.
Influences the dynamics of venous circulation (causes a
peripheral vasodilation with a consecutive decrease in tension
arterial and with moderate tachycardia).
Eliminates in large quantities the metabolic disassembly products;
Accentuates fat metabolism, as well as carbohydrates
and the disassembly of the protides, with the increased consecutive elimination
urea and uric acid. Hydremia decreases, respectively the aqueous content
of the body. Inhibits the nervous system (sensation of sleep and
calming). The active substances transported by the blood current
I reach the whole body, having action and in certain diseases
Indications: * Disease states accompanied by overwork; * Asthenia; * Disorders
nervous; * Circulatory disorders; * Anemia; * Disorders
metabolic; * Nervousness; * Insomnia, states of
anxiety, anxiety; * Adjuvant in metabolic diseases, in diseases
internal, in gout, rheumatisms or glandular disorders.
Exclusively administration for external use

Regenerator of the hair
Presentation: Mixing of plants in the form of powder. 100% natural.
Action: -It strengthens the root of the hair, stopping the fall.
-acts the circulation of blood in the region.
-contributes to the regeneration and tone of the hair.
-Combine seborrhea and dandruff.
External use administration:
Presentation: plants and berries in the form of powder; 100%
Action: nutritional supplement
Indications: Fruitimet is the general basic formula.
Depending on the condition that is to be resolved, it
is supplemented with plants specific to the respective conditions
In internal organ disorders as follows:
(hepatitis, gastric ulcer, gastritis-acids, bronchitis, asthma,
guturai, biliary dyskinesis)
Fructimet-f, for liver
Fruitimet -r, for kidneys
Fructimet-sr, for adrenal
Fructimet-p, for lungs
Fructimet-v, for gall bladder and pancreas
Fructimet-s, for the stomach
Exclusive administration for internal use.

Antistress dietary supplement
Presentation: plants and berries in the form of powder;
Action: -it assumes on internal disorders caused by stress.
-Aches on serotonin neurotransmitters,
dopamine, glutamate and norepinephrine.
-strengthens the immune system, increasing the natural reactions of
-It regulates the central nervous system.
-Physical and mental energy.
-Detoxifier, remineralizing.
Indications: – Depressive states caused by stress.

  • disorders of the internal organs caused by stress.
  • recommended for people who work in a stressful environment.
    The bioregenerator, is being approved and for this more
    I need something in a laboratory that I don’t have yet. And
    When I say that, I mean a laboratory with passionate people. These are
    hard to find. The laboratory itself, maybe it’s not a big deal. So
    But as I see things, “laboratory” means something. A goal, ideas,
    But I will find all these, I am sure.
    The shampoo-Balsam deniplant. It is a test in test. I’m already waiting
    confirmations of patients who use it.
    Partnerships: Balneophitotherapy in spa resorts in
    Romania. On this topic, we will discuss more. I considered that there is
    enormously many resources and that Romania has a curative and tourist potential in
    the area of the spa resorts, which is too little exploited, compared to
    real possibilities. There is a lot to do here. I only assumed that part
    of effort that only one man can assume. I did everything that is
    required to put the base of long -term partnerships with bathrooms
    Herculane and Sovata. Of course, I will continue, but all at their time.
    For more information, we have made available on the Internet such a
    Further? The penetration of the external markets of the deniplant.
    Development ideas: a cream and/or a deniplant oil, to help

As we argued in the previous chapters, the action on several
Directions can speed up the healing process of the conditions. I detailed in
The previous chapters, the combined action of plants (phytotherapy) with
Eating, with polarized light, with the way of thinking, with bee products,
with water. A special case of combining traditional treatment methods, described in the chapter dedicated to acupuncture.
Now I want to highlight another extreme natural resource
Important and valuable: environmental factors.
What does “spa” mean? Basically, we talk about the action here
Combined environmental factors: air, water, sun, geographical area.
I will only discuss the case of the Herculane baths here, being known and
attested for over 2000 years.
Here we meet the landscape and the exceptional mountainous, a few
Climatic and balneotherapeutic factors that give the resort unique characteristic in
world. It’s about the presence of mineral waters, which are so much
The ones considered “ordinary”, respectively with temperatures at the environment
Ambant, especially, surface thermal waters and when I say it,
I refer to springs that reach the surface with temperatures up to 500
C, what
what make them an exceptional resource. Why? Being at such a temperature,
They evaporate in the environment much easier and thus vapors train with themselves
mineral salts in the atmosphere. Due to the relatively gentle climate, radiation
Solar, especially ultraviolet, appears the phenomenon of ionization, which changes
Much the therapeutic properties of air. Besides that baths in the basins
Thermal, are already well known by their exceptional healing effects.
The idea that is the basis of these collaborations with the spa resorts, is the increase of the healing potential and in general
of products based on these phytotherapeutic remedies. The combination of factors
spa-climatic and phytotherapy has a long-term history and is a
Tradition of these places, inherited from generation to generation, since the time
It would be a huge loss for everyone to ignore these lessons
valuable of a nation, accumulated in centuries, just now when science and
Technology can bring us a deep understanding of the intimate mechanisms of
Healing and in general, of the occurrence and treatment of diseases, with time -checked remedies
for centuries.
As far as I’m concerned I am firmly decided to exploit to the maximum

the experience gained in the field and the resources we have. From this
Reason, we have done all possible steps to put into practice
combined treatments, that is, exactly what I called in the title
What doctors say
In this section, I will present to you the opinions of the doctors I have with
collaborated and with whom you continue to collaborate. As I stated at the beginning, I
I am not a doctor and I find it very important for any treatment to benefit
specialized counseling. It is natural to have a pre-diagnosis, a
Recommendation and also, in order to be able to centralize and follow the results, o
supervision and an approved follow -up of the treatment evolution. Even if I
wants it, it is impossible to do so vast work as it is
This, even if it is not a drug treatment, but more
Soon a form of diet, in the composition of which enters plants with effects
beneficial on the body.
Thus I perfected the necessary ones to carry out programs at Baile
Herculane, and in Sovata. At Sovata, they will start in August 2007 o
series of treatment sessions.
Dr. Ion Gheorghe,
Main scientific researcher, G.II, primary physician. M.G.
Below is a reference on the Internet, Dr. Ion Gheorghe, with whom I have
worked and continues to collaborate, on the side of acupuncture and light treatment
Dr. Ion Gheorghe’s opinion
Dr. Preda Nicolae,
Primary Internal Medicine, a cardiologist primary physician, doctor in science
Medical; Competence: Echocardiography.
Dr. Preda Nicolae’s opinion
Dr. Alexandru Darie
Specialist MF, MG, competence: occupational medicine, homeopathy.
Dr. Alexandru Darie’s opinion
Dr. Manta V.

Specialist dermato-venerology.
Dr. Manta V.
Dr. Călin Cârmaciu
We have reproduced for you, two articles published in the press
Teleorman by Dr. Călin Cârmaciu.
A new clinical and therapeutic approach in psoriasis
Psoriasis is known so far as a chronic skin disease,
uncontagious, quite widespread in both sexes (comprises about 3% of
population), evolving with specific lesions affecting different areas
Topographic of the body, with predilection of the skin on the elbows, knees,
scalp, but also palms, soles, or any other region of the body.
The cause of psoriasis remains obscure, and the mechanism of production of the disease
is not fully elucidated. However, since ancient times,
It has been observed that the disease frequently occurs as a result of major mental stress, it has
a cyclical evolution, with longer exacerbation and remission periods or
shorter. The favorable effect of radiation was also found
solar on skin and unfavorable lesions of stress
psychic or even food.
Tomes were written about psoriasis and is not here to do
a wide and academic presentation of the disease. But I wish to point out certain
Aspects related to the disease and its therapy, which seem essential to me:
It is wrong to look at psoriasis as an organ disease, respectively as a
skin disease ; Without going into details there are thorough reasons to
stated that psoriasis is a system disease, a chronic neurmite, which
It also affects the body’s immune system.
Starting from the above considerations, psoriasis therapy should not
only target the target organ, the skin, but the whole body, which is
affected, even if not visibly. That’s why local therapy, alone,
is inefficient. Also inefficient is the therapy on the way
General, which treats exclusively, as a target organ. Even
Ultra -modern and exorbitant therapies, such as those with
Monoclonal antibodies have not proven their expected clinical efficiency.
We must not forget for a moment the fact that, in reality, there are no diseases,
but only sick and we must not get drunk with the percentages of statistics,
according to which, if a certain treatment gives positive results in 90%, or
Even 99% of cases were found. The doctor always has in
face a patient who does not know before whom the category belongs to,
Of the 99% that heal, or from the 1% that do not heal. The patient is
a whole, and any percentage expression on its healing

it is fundamentally wrong. What would it mean, for example, to say about a
Cancer patient that it has been cured in a proportion of 90%, but 10% is in
ill continuation; Is he still a cancer patient, or not? It is obvious
ridiculous such an approach.
There is currently a treatment that heals psoriasis in proportion
100%? It seems that already exists, even if at first glance it seems hard to
believed. Is called deniplant (registered trademark) and consists of a
Mixing of plant powders used in the internal cure in the form of
decoction. It is consumed daily for several months, and the results
They are spectacular in time: the disease heals, without diet and without
corticosteroid ointments. There is neither a joke nor advertising.
I used above the expression “it seems” for deontological reasons, as
The discoverer of this therapy reported some apparent failures in some sick
aged and with old suffering, but also formulated certain doubts about
the way in which the treatment was administered in the respective cases. Being
about long -term treatment with oral administration in several sockets
per day, it is possible that, for different reasons, the patient does not respect the dosage
prescribed. Last but not least, one of the reasons why the patient
may lose the motivation to comply with the manner and duration of administration of
treatment is that healing occurs slowly, after months and
even years of treatment. This is about healing the disease itself, no
only of skin lesions, as we stated earlier that we have a
makes with a system disease of the whole body, and not just a disease of
body. The disease should not be confused with affecting the target organ! As
We see on the skin is just the tip of the iceberg.
We must not have prejudices about the type of treatment, after
How should we not either abdicate from the principles of medicine, one of
These being introduced since ancient times, by the Hippocrates itself, which
states “primum non nocere”, that is, first and foremost, do not hurt, to
Don’t ruin. It is very important that treatment does not harm
The body does not generate side effects, and the natural therapies,
between which the one with the deniplant is entered, they fulfill this desire
fundamental. A beneficial and effective treatment is the one that produces
Healing the disease without generating another disease or suffering in place. If we are
We refer to classic and even ultra-modern therapy in psoriasis, I am
and fear to account for the statistics of adverse reactions produced by them.
It is an additional reason why I think deniplant constitutes
First -hand therapeutic option in psoriasis.
In addition to the therapy administered from the outside, a role of importance
overwhelming in the healing of the disease is the suffering body itself, the one
which by its appropriate response, in synergy with the therapy applied from outside,
combat and cure the disease. In this sense, the reputed scientist, acad. Prof.
dr. Radu Cârmaciu advanced the hypothesis of existence in every body of an
intrinsic doctor. It would represent a specialized functional structure of
the body, being mainly constituted by the immune system. The intrinsic doctor
It is the one who finds the deviations from normality and intervenes in the fight

to them, to bring the body back to the initial operating state. Free
The intervention of the intrinsic doctor, any therapy given from the outside is
inefficient. That is why it is extremely important that this own doctor of
to each of us to be healthy. Personally I think that deniplant
It intervenes just at these levels, to keep in good health of
our intrinsic doctor.
First option therapy in psoriasis – the challenge
Starting from the very high prevalence of this disease, which
affects about 3% of the overall population, we consider it appropriate to evaluate
of the benefit/risk report in establishing the first option therapy in
With all the scientific progress registered so far, the etiology
Psoriasis remains obscure, its evolution being generally
Slow, in the jog, but benign in terms of vital prognosis. With
Other words, the natural evolution of the disease does not threaten the life of the patient.
This feature is particularly important in choosing treatment of
first option. Personal, I consider an error to use some preparations
drug or procedures that can generate side effects with much
more serious than the disease itself. Even the ointments with corticosteroids,
often used in local applications, I do nothing but “trick” the disease on
moment, with subsequent consequences for the patient, because, after a short
Remission period, the disease returns in force, the eruption becoming more pronounced
And wider, in many cases (the sick know this very well, on
their own skin, on their own).
Here, in short, in the table below, enumerative, what adverse effects do not
We can wait, in case of using various medication or procedures
Therapeutics used today in the treatment of psoriasis:
No. Possible preparation/procedure adverse effects
1 monoclonal antibodies infections, thrombocytopenia, malignant tumors,
hemolytic anemia, aggravation of psoriasis
2 Cignolin (Ditranol) Roşeaţa, irritation and coloring of the skin in brown,
rash cutaneous, allergy
3 corticosteroids
Overinfections, atrophy of the skin, pruritus,
tegumentary irritation, folliculitis, phenomenon of
“Rebound” upon discontinuation of treatment
4 Methotrexate diarrhea, redness of the skin, dryness of the lips and
of mouth, stomach pain, melena,
hematuria, vision disorder, pain
thoracic, seizures, cough, hoarseness, fever,
chills, lip ulcers, fall
hair, dyspnea, ecchymoses, bleeding

Various, skin peeling, algoria, dysuria,
hypercrome urine, nausea, vomiting,
Inadequate, yellowing of the skin and sclera,
dizziness, headache, back pain,
leukemia and other forms of cancer
5 psorane
Prurit, edema, burns, hyperpigmentation,
carcinoma, keratoacantom, actinine keratosis,
Local irritations, hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria,
nausea, insomnia, depression
The adverse effects of the psolelene to which they
adds that of ultraviolet radiation of the type
A, which can lead from a slight redness and
pruritus of the skin until the development of
skin carcinomas
7 retinoids
Pruritus, alopecia, epistaxis, teratogenic effects,
Dry peelita, ragade of
labial commissions, dryness and
Inflammation of transitional epithelia, epistaxis,
conjunctivitis, intolerance to lenses of
Contact, hair loss, parishhie,
the fragility of the nails, the peeling
Palmo-plating teguments, headache,
decreased twilight vision, pain
muscle and osteoarticular
The table above does not claim the exhaustive treatment and under all
aspects of the problem of side effects of treatment
Antipsoriazic, but sheds light on many of the possible
Adverse effects that current therapy could generate. Is a
Obligation of deontological order of the attending physician so that the patient be
brought to the notice, before the beginning of any treatment, a
its benefits and risks. Only after the approval given by
The patient is aware of the doctor may initiate the therapy
In the sense of those presented, we consider of overwhelming importance
the correct appreciation of the gravity of the risk assumed and not just the measure
to it, as it is not as important as we risk but what
We risk. For example, if by crossing a mountain stream we risk as in
Proportion of 80% to water our socks, I think we could assume this
Risk, even if it is high. But not in the same situation we would find out if they
be to jump over a narrow, but deep ditch
to whom he carries venomous snakes: even if we risk losing our lives in
proportion of only 1% by missing the jump and slipping into that ditch, no
I think someone whole in mind would take on this risk, no matter how small
the percentage. Returning to the risk of a therapy does not matter so much
the higher or lower percentage of it but the object of risk
respectively (the subject being obviously the patient). If the object
to the risk, ie what we risk through that therapy, is health or

Even the life of the patient, then I think that therapy should be avoided on
As much as possible and in no case should it be used as a first therapy
option. Let us not forget that psoriasis, with all the inconvenience and suffering on
that produces the patient, is a chronic benign disease with slow onset,
Which, in accordance with the hypocratic principle “Primum non
nocere ”, categorically contraindicates the establishment of AB initio of a
therapies whose adverse effects can be more serious than the disease itself.
In conclusion, in choosing the proper treatment and before
its beginning, the patient with psoriasis must know
The following: [back to “effects of allopathic drugs”]

  1. What are the benefits and what are the risks of recommended therapy
    by the doctor. Regarding the risk of proposed treatment, the patient must
    Remember that it is important what risks, that is, the gravity of the risk,
    And not how much it risks, that is, the statistical percentage of the risk of manifestation
    the adverse effect. The patient is a unique, unique individual, not a digit or
    a percentage.
  2. First option therapy in psoriasis must behave the risk
    the lowest in terms of its severity as we have shown at
    Point 1. Being a disease with slow onset and evolution, with
    Benign character, it is not advisable to “crush” on the disease with therapies
    Shock type, in which the assumed risk of treatment often exceeds the benefit
    expected. Therefore, I personally recommend that the first option, with all
    Liability, the use of the natural treatment alternative which, in this case,
    It has practically null risks.
  3. Based on the personal experience, as well as the one shared by others
    Patients, I highly recommend internal treatment with denipant tea, as
    First option therapy in psoriasis. Sanogenic effects begin to appear
    After the first month of treatment, and after two or more than three months of
    Clean, the skin is almost completely healed. But the treatment must
    continued for several months as it is necessary to eradicate the internal cause
    of the disease, and not only the visible side, which represents only the “tip
    of the iceberg ”, as we have shown in a previous article on this

What do patients say
I considered it natural to ensure a way of communicating with patients,
as much as possible. Both mine with them and theirs, between them. I think it is too
This, in addition to a welcome way to improve the products, o
way of supporting those in difficulty, at times when pressing

The disease makes us doubt ourselves. As I showed in the chapter on
The influence of the way of thinking, I think it is very important to develop a
positive, constructive thinking, generally in life, but especially then
when we are in difficulty. Psoriasis is a pretty difficult condition and I have
Considered that as long as I support a thesis, a method, you must first of all, to
I offer a concrete example and I think in terms of positive thinking, such a form
of communication, it is as welcome as possible and an excellent illustration of
the principles of positive thinking. What can be more beautiful than mutual support on
that we give to each other, all the more so as some of us have passed,
Others, do we go through the same difficulties?
Wherever you are on the path of life, it is invaluable guide who
He knows the road. The best it will be when you have as comrades of
Road, more who know the road, because they have already traveled it?
So here is the address of the Deniplant Forum, forum in which we do
We meet and discuss all aspects of this subject.
Allopathic drugs and their side effects
I considered useful for all the book readers to include in this new
Edition, a direct reference to allopathic medication and its effects
secondary. As Dr. Călin Cârmaciu showed in his articles,
Chemotherapeutic treatments (with drugs), produce side effects and
It is the right of every patient as when making a decision that can influence them
Life and health, to make this decision in the knowledge of the cause.
Below, the references in the section of the forum at this topic:
Psoriasis with drugs.
How can you order and get deniplant
Details on purchasing, guarantees, offers, price reductions, can be found
to the address below:

The internet activity (web) of the author
I considered it useful for all readers to make available to them maximum
of information, all the more so as the Romanian society entered
The Information Society, which is of course, more, more information and
of higher quality.
There are many people who want to get in touch with me, to
I answer the questions. Over time, I have answered a series of questions and
I appreciate that it is important for the book readers to be able to have access to these
information. Last but not least, such a section is useful for me,
Since, no matter how much good will I have, it is hard for me to respond to
the same questions. Maybe in a future edition of the book, we will systematize the most
frequent questions and answers to them. For now, I wanted to
We experience this solution, namely, make available the addresses on
Internet to which all references can be found practically, both in terms of
Deniplant as well as the information regarding the author and its activity:

Due to the invention of Gheorghe Giurgiu,
Psoriasis can be cured with plants
George Cuşnarencu

Given that hundreds of readers called us, wrote to us and contacted us on
Internet to find out more about this new treatment, I contacted Mr.
Gheorghe Giurgiu and I obtained this micro-interview through the electronic post.

  • How did you come to the idea of treatment of psoriasis with deniplant?
  • I came to the formula of deniplant tea after, being sick of psoriasis for 7 years, I have been self -trained with it and for 15 years, the disease has not relapsed. As a result I received a patent
    of invention from OSIM Bucharest. The patent is secret because I intend to sell
    the license of this discovery.
  • A question that often comes back from our readers, is this: where is it
  • Deniplant is found only at the headquarters of the Speranţa Foundation. Not found in pharmacies, for
    that it does not have the opinion of the Institute for the Control of Medicines. This opinion is conditioned by
    Decomposing the secret of the formula. But, being a plant powder, this tea can be listed
    and as a food tea.
  • And sold in food?
  • Exactly. The one who will buy the license will have to obtain the toxicological phytosanitary certificate
    to market it.
  • For deniplant treatment, do patients need a prediagnosis?
  • Not being a professional doctor, a prediagnosis is required by a dermatologist. If
    There is no pre -diagnosis, we have the possibility that within the cabinets of the Majilis Foundation
    With which we collaborate, to offer people who want, consultations made by a doctor
  • How can the people suffer from psoriasis reach you?
  • Those who want to undergo treatment with deniplant — and remember that this tea
    acts on the internal cause that produces this disease and for this reason there is no need for
    ointments or other drugs and no diet — can address for
    Phone appointments mobile +40744/82.78.81.
  • I understand. One last question: How much does the treatment cost?
  • In order to support the patients, this year the Medical Foundation Speranţa initiated a
    Promotional program, in the sense that patients present at the headquarters will receive
    Free treatment for the first month. Those who convince themselves and want to continue the treatment,
    They will receive tea in exchange for donations made to the foundation, which, being an organization
    Non -governmental, do not benefit from funds allocated from the Government.
  • Thank you for the detail, on behalf of the readers and I hope that those hit by this disease to
    they can be helped by this natural treatment.

The word of the publisher
I met the author of this book, Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu,
on a business forum, The first thing I noticed, a
former decency and relevance of comments and articles posted on the forum.
Of course, under normal conditions, these features go unnoticed and even
It is natural to be that way. How contemporary society is still far from what
What I call “normality”, a normal attitude becomes obvious, attracts
And it draws my attention. I will now avoid a philosophical argument of this
statements, given that this book aims to present a
Romanian solutions, at a concrete problem, related to healthy life and
Obviously, given the fact that it caught my attention, I wanted to know more.
That’s how I arrived on the deniplant site, that’s how I discovered the initial version of the book
in digital format.
Given that I like to read on the one hand, on the other hand,
Due to the fact that I myself have lived a similar tragedy at 24 years old with another
Diagnosis, however, and the solution was also a natural one, the book impressed me
Deep and more than that, I considered it and I think it is and must
It remains an important work and to be as widespread as possible.
As one of the main goals of my company, Media Factory
SRL, is to make and promote as many books in format
Electronically, I decided to contribute to my powers, to promotion
to this book, and of the plants products that the author realizes.
I strongly believe in natural and traditional remedies. A single
Argument I will exhibit here: natural remedies have been studied and tested for a while
for generations and have proven their efficiency and validity. Of the drugs,
Over 50% have a period of up to 2 years of tests in the laboratory, after which
are launched on the market. I have medium study in the specialty chemistry, practice in
Production and I worked within the Icechim Bucharest Institute 3 years. I have through
As a result a vision inside on what the production of
drugs. I avoid any other comments, but I let you weigh: what’s more
valuable, a 20 -year -old research whose results can prove to be anytime
erroneous or insufficient, or a remedy offered by nature, tested for time
centuries, from generation to generation? … I give example only the case of streptomycin,
Because of which I was losing my life at the age of two and a half, then on
At six years old and later, at 15, when I was definitely losing my hearing. Are
Hundreds of examples of drugs that have been launched on the market with much
advertise, for a few years to be withdrawn from the market discreetly, due to
adverse effects found during treatments.
About phytotherapeutic treatments, I have not known to be registered
situations where someone has reached complications or harmful effects, though
The subject has been concerned about 24 years.
I made this version of the book with great passion and we wore a
Correspondence rich with its author. I express my hope that the materials

Newly introduced, the new structure of the book, will bring more unique and
Information to readers, as it is natural to be, in a society called
I conclude, saying that the editing of this book was an experience
extraordinary to me, both by the fact that I managed to know either in
small part a special man, as well as the content of the book.
I subscribe to the way of approaching the issue chosen by
Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu and it was a great joy for me to discover
that were taken into account aspects that I myself checked in
practice, “on my own skin” as they say, myself and I consider them to be
Extremely important: acupuncture, light therapy (in general), therapy
By positive thinking, balneotherapy, apitherapy, hydrotherapy. Referring to
Apitherapy, I specify that in my diet, pollen is in place of honor and
an endless food.
Perhaps as a result of this collaboration, I will decide to write about
My experience in the feeding and treatment of some disorders through
Traditional and natural remedies, or the nature of regimes (diets)
With great esteem and consideration, both for you
Readers, as well as for the author of this magnificent experiment in full
Development, called Deniplant today,
Serban Stanescu,
Manager Media Factory SRL Alexandria.
Media Factory SRL,

Psoriasis is a rather common skin disease that still raises
Treatment difficulties, even at the beginning of the millennium. Is present both in
urban and rural areas.
The disease is not contagious. Is characterized by its appearance at any
age, sometimes even from childhood. Its evolution is chronic, with tendencies at
recurrences, at different time intervals. Sometimes psoriasis elements persist
All the life of the patient, in which he will cause psycho -behavioral and social disorders.
The specific elements of manifestation of the disease consist of reddish placards,
covered by thick, stratified and glossy scales. Appear somewhat symmetrical,
Initially having predilection for elbows, knees, heads of head, constituting
the localized form of the disease. Other regions (thoracic, abdomen, are caught over time
upper and lower limbs), constituting the form of generalized psoriasis.
The basis of allopathic treatment is the local one, with ointments, creams,
Solutions, based on Cigmolin, salicylic acid, cortisone, etc., applied on areas
affected. They have local effect, sometimes quite quickly, after the preparations on
cortisone base. But the relapses are more and more frequent, they are more intense,
sometimes even a few days after discontinuation of treatment. That’s why these
Patients are forced to use these preparations continuously, which have multiple
unwanted side effects.
Using deniplant tea within the “Speranţa” Medical Foundation, Tea
patented by Mr. Gheorghe Giurgiu, the president of the Foundation, were obtained
improvements from the first months of treatment and the disappearance of psoriasis elements
after 6-12 months.
Deniplant treatment can be used alone, not being needed
association with allopathic local dishes, or diet.
Deniplant tea acting at the level of the whole body, influences
Different links of the etiopathogenic chain that trigger and maintain the disease,
slowing her evolution and even stopping her.
Deniplant treatment although long -lasting is easy to use
by patients at home is well tolerated, and so far, they have not been
signaled unwanted side effects.
The over 200 patients who passed the foundation at the establishment
its, I can prove at any time that the treatment with deniplant gives the results
expected, which each patient expects.
For this reason, the Foundation also received the name “Speranţa”, to give them
the patient a hope that he can heal, despite the fact that medicine
Allopathic from all over the world tells the patient that the disease is “incurable”.
The patient has the right to find out that a product has been invented in Romania
which will help him.
Dr. Ion Gheorghe,
Main scientific researcher. Gr
Primary physician. M. G