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Immunity questionnaire

Although your immune system is invisible, there are several ways to discover if it has problems or not.

If at this moment you feel well, it means that it is amazing, because at this moment millions of microscopic invaders are just waiting to attack you and make you sick, but they cannot succeed because the immune system is in their way.

If you don’t feel well, if from time to time you have any embarrassment or pain, or if you feel tired, indisposed and lacking energy, do not ignore these sensations, because your immune system is in danger.

Immunity questionnaire

Answer Yes or No to the questions on the right.

If you find that you gave more YES answers than NO, there is every chance that your immune system needs help.

If you answered more with NO, it means that your system is doing its job properly.

  1. Hair: Has it lost its luster?; Is it matte, oily or thin?
  2. Head: Do you suffer from recurring headaches or bouts of dizziness, apathy and abuli? Do you feel your head heavy and sensitive to pain?
  3. Eyes: Do you feel that your eyes are tired? Are they injected or will it sting? Do they have a matte, glassy, shimmer-free sheen?
  4. Ears: Do you sometimes hear a high-pitched sound? Do you have itchy or sore ears?
  5. Nose: Is your nose runny, itchy or congested? Did you sneeze? Has your sense of smell diminished?
  6. Mouth: Do you have bad breath? Do you feel an unpleasant taste in your mouth? Do you have ulcers or swelling of the tongue? Do you suffer from bleeding gums or mouth ulcers? Do you have bad teeth or gingivitis? Has your sense of taste weakened? Are your lips cracked or painful? Do you often have irritation at the corners of your mouth?
  7. Neck: Do you have a stiff neck and does it hurt when you move your head?
  8. Pharynx: Do you have stinging or pharyngeal pain? Do you sometimes complain of swallowing difficulties?
  9. Digestive tract: Do you suffer from indigestion, gas, diarrhea, bloating, constipation or abdominal pain? Do you have nausea at certain times of the day?
  10. Muscles: Do your muscles feel weak and tingling? Do you hurt easily?
  11. Joints: Do you have stiff, painful joints?
  12. The skin. Do you have spots or rashes? Is your skin dry, dull or swollen? Do you have problems with body odor?
  13. Nails: Do you have white spots, streaks, splits or a bluish tint on your nails?
  14. Energy level: Do you need coffee or other stimulants, such as chocolate or sugar, to function normally? Are your energy levels intermittent, chaotic or non-existent? Do you feel tired too much of the time? Do you yawn a lot during the day? Do you often feel apathetic?
  15. Sleep: Is it hard for you to fall asleep? Do you have restless sleep? Do you sweat excessively at night?
  16. Brain power: Is it difficult for you to concentrate? Are you forgetful? Do you have memory problems?
  17. Feelings: Do you feel stressed, depressed, sad, indisposed, irritable or simply not in your mood?
  18. Hunger: Do you have abnormal hunger or intense cravings for a certain food? Or, on the contrary, do you lack appetite?
  19. Lifestyle: Are you overweight? Do you smoke? Do you have a sedentary job? Are you moving too little? Do you spend a little time in natural daylight? Do you eat a lot of refined, processed or convenience foods? Do you have a high sugar diet?
  20. General state of health: Do you catch a cold more often than three times a year? Is it hard for you to get over an infection? Do you suffer from repeated infections? Do you have allergies? Are you prone to thrush or cystitis? Do you suffer from anemia? Are your wounds healing too slowly? Do you feel the cold more intensely than other people? Is the menstrual cycle irregular? Have you noticed a decrease in sexual energy? Do you feel as if you have lost your zest for life?