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Neuropolen-regenerator of the nerve cell

Produced under Deniplant License

My first contact with the bees, I could say that it was since I was born, because at that time my father had two hives in the yard. To my mother, making the fear of bees, she never agreed with this activity. Each time my father was walking at the hives, we were hiding in the house and looking on the window as they dress in white robe, putting their “cosmonaut” mask on the head and smoking in his hand approached the hives and opened the lid. The bees seemed to dance around him without doing anything though he simply steals their honey. This fascinated me so much that I wanted to do the same. And so, at the age of 3 and a half I said it came and my turn to walk to the hives and taking in my hand I started to beat in the hives to call them outside. They did not leave too much calling and quickly went out to see who bothers them. Seeing me with the bat in my hand they started the attack and they were on me. After the first sting I started to type and run through the yard with them after me. My luck was that my mother was home and seeing the danger took me up and took me to the house. He removed those bees, because he had already cake more on me, and rubbed me with salt on each sting. The bees roiled around the house for a few hours and in the evening they calmed down.

When his father came home and found out what happened, he gave in to his mother’s requests and finished stupid forever. From the tight honey until then in some big jars I ate almost two years.

In the 5th grade Botany teacher with hives at home, he taught us several lessons about bees and then I understood what the mistake we had made. At the same time, I learned how important bees are for human food and health and I would always have my bees.

After I started growing medicinal plants and gathering them from the hills to turn them into teas, tinctures and other preparations, I remembered the lesson from Botanica, with the bees that gather the pollen of the flowers and I decided to use myself. those pollen grains for which the bees work so.

In the area where I harvested the plants with a beekeeper with many hives, I proposed to bring a hive in the middle of my flowers to get them pollen and prepare honey only from those flowers.

Thus I managed that from the plants from which I prepared the tea, (for the treatment of psoriasis skin), to obtain pollen and honey.

Knowing that deniplant plants have special properties and help strengthen the immune system and regulate cellular metabolism, I used the respective pollen to create a new product. I combined pollen with a powder of cocoa seeds and dried beer yeast because I knew how important they are through its constituents.

I dissolved this powder in the denipant tea and obtained a cocktail full of vitamins and minerals with special medicinal properties.

The big challenge was when having problems with my dog, a 9-year-old German shepherd paralyzed his back legs. After I saw that he is struggling, that he could no longer eat and the veterinarian did not have what he does, as a prednisone and a few vitamins, I came up with my vitamin and mineral cocktail that I have. I used to have. And because I couldn’t make Rex drink tea, I mixed the plants directly with the pollen and cocoa and I administered them in the cream. Because he did not want to eat anything, I put the cream on the lab and he was licking to be clean. Thus I managed to administer my preparation, at first three times a day, then after recovering and started to stand up, to eat, I gave it 2 times a day the preparation directly in the food .

That’s how I managed to save Rex from death, because the doctors had told me that euthanasia is the only solution for him.

After that I told Rex’s story on a forum, I was contacted by several people who had problems with the paralyzed dogs. I was surprised that my preparation managed to save others with the paralysis of the legs.

Studying with a doctor these cases, we came to the conclusion that this new product, through its formula and its constituents, has multiple healing qualities for man.

Modifying the formula, adding the cocoa seed powder and the dosage of the pollen that has its neuroregenerative molecules, I managed to get a new natural remedy that I called Neuropolen, with spectacular results in paralysis.

Natural remedy containing lyophilized pollen from deniplant plants, beer yeast, coffee seeds, cocoa, roscove

Due to the composition rich in antioxidant, anti -inflammatory, amino acids, minerals and natural vitamins, neuroregenerative molecules, the neuropolish product offers various possibilities to balance the processes in the nerve cell and neuromuscular plaque and accelerate the regeneration of the peripheral nerves, through the processes. of self -healing of the body.

Being a food, it is not medical certificate, but its components have scientifically demonstrated curative qualities.

Dopamine by its neurotransmitter role, it may be responsible for many neurological disorders.

To understand how neuropolis works it is a long time to understand what happened when paralysis takes place.

Dopamine by its neurotransmitter role, it may be responsible for many neurological disorders.

Part of the decisions and control of the body are the result of the action of neuromodulators

Dopamine being one of the main neurotransmitters in the nervous system, is a substance that transmits information between brain neurons. This substance being involved in a wide variety of different activities (eg motility control, muscle movements).

Dopamine biosynthesis is a two -stage process, starting with the thyrozine amino acid we find in pollenoplasmin. A second hydroxyl group is attached to thyrozine forming levodopa, or L-Dopa. This process is catalyzed by thyrozin hydroxylation enzyme. Dopamine is formed by removing carboxylic acid from L-Dopa, reaction catalyzed by DOPA decarboxylase

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the group of catecholamines, precursor of noradrenaline, having a fundamental role in the brain for controlling motility, used in therapeutics, for its stimulant action on the cardiovascular system.

Neuromodulators are substances such as: dopamine (associated chemicals “stimulation”), serotonin (chemical associated “calm”), cortisol (chemical associated with stress) and other neurotraSmiti

The amino acids that make up the proteins are absorbed and pass through the blood-brain barrier, and one of the last amino acids assimilated by the body is tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin we also find in Polynoplasmin. When a decrease in the level of serotonin in the brain is normally recorded, the assimilation of the tryptophan will prevent this.

Another amino acid found in pollenoplasmin is phenylalanine that is converted to tyrosine and which then stimulates an additional amount of dopamine

The neurotransmitter in the brain – dopamine – activates metabolism by helping the body to be healthy. In addition, dopamine helps the brain to generate enough energy for the functioning of the body. According to the website Health News Stand, dopamine stimulates the heart, regulates the flow of information in the brain, controls the movement and allows people to know the feelings of passion and pleasure.

Dopamine production is stimulated by the consumption of certain foods, especially those containing thyrozine amino acid. The consumption of such special foods increases our ability to respond optimally both physically and emotionally. All foods consumed should be organic to avoid the effects of pesticides, various chemical compounds as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Tyrosine helps regulate and stimulate dopamine levels, causing increased memory capacity and vigilance.

Even many common, common medicinal plants are known to help regulate dopamine levels. Among these plants are the scholar, the ginseng, the armor, the red clover, the artichoke and the mint and on some of them we find them with the vitamins above in certain quantities in the neuropolen.

Medicinal plants are opposable to synthetic products (drugs) due to better absorption and processing by the body of the compounds that are in them, in optimal proportions, which only nature has offered, without producing short effects or adverse reactions.