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Online consultations

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Go to Medical Consultations for the online consultation platform.

Online Consultations section

4.1 Online consultations involve a 15-minute analysis of medical journals by doctors and 30-45 minutes of online discussions.

These can be at:

Phone, WhatsApp, ZOOM, or another application for video communications approved by the user

4.2 To request an online consultation it is necessary to:

4.2.1 fill out the consultation appointment form where you will send your name and surname, email address / telephone, and the problem for which you want the consultation.

You will receive a reply by email/phone with the date and time when the doctor is available for consultation.

4.2.2. Confirm the appointment:

After receiving the information, you must fill in the consultation confirmation form that you have taken note of the date and time established and you agree.

4.2.3. pay for the consultation by accessing PLATA

4.2.4 You will find the rates for using the application and online consultations by accessing RATES or if you request a personalized consultation you will receive the price by email

4.3 At the scheduled date and time, you can enter directly with the doctors and specialists of the Biomedicine Center, who analyze the logs from the EGO application and following the online discussion, after the evaluation, you receive advice about the state of health

4.4 In order to give access to information to the doctor who consults you, it is necessary to enter the first page of the application, click on the top right on the 3 vertical dots in the browser and then click on Send, then select email or whatsapp and enter the doctor’s address.

  1. For notifications, concerns or other problems related to the EGO application, you can contact us through one of the links in the CONTACT section on the first page.