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Paralysis in dogs


Name * Diana

Race         * mestizo

Age          *8 years old

Weight * 6.8 kg

Kept in the yard or in the block *in the yard and in the house in winter

If he has a medical record with up-to-date vaccinations *yes

History of previous illnesses         * had no illnesses

Current diagnosis made by a veterinarian *he didn’t make a diagnosis, he said that an x-ray should be done and I didn’t do it.

When the present disease started, suddenly or gradually * the paralysis started 6 weeks after she gave birth to 5 puppies, from one day to the next she could no longer walk or stand up on her back legs.

Treatments followed for him *I administered vitamin b complex from which he recovered very little, that is, he could get up very hard and could not walk, he gets up and falls back to the place and after that I administered your natural sachets according to your instructions and in 2 days he was already walking with a little embarrassment.

Current symptoms (complete or partial paralysis, unsteady gait, etc.) *at the moment, after 15 sachets of natural powder administered, he has no problem walking as if he had no problem with his spine.

If he has painful or sensitive points along the spine. *has no pain points.

If he eats * he eats normally

If he has diarrhea *no

If he has a fever *no

If he responds to stimuli, pricks, caresses * he feels any touch

The evolution of the disease under natural treatment with Polenoplasmin

When did the naturopathic treatment start * 15.12.2013 11 o’clock

How many doses per day * the first day 3, the second day 2, and the following 10 days one envelope per day

When he made the first movement of the paralyzed limbs (after how many doses)* after the 3 sachets

When he stood up * after taking 3 sachets

If he is embarrassed to walk         * at the moment he has no embarrassment

When he recovered completely *after 9 days from the beginning of the administration of the natural treatment

Hello, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and I apologize that I could not be more prompt with the email.

I wish you a pleasant day and much success in the work you do with dedication and love