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Plants for balneological baths

Plants for balneological baths
Prezentation:As a powder of plants or small plants

Action:The plants for baths with the substances that are contained, have a direct action at the level of the teguments, with antiseptical efects, against inflamation cicatrices.
During the treatment with balneological plants, the capilar “network” of the skin can keep 1/3 from the blood that circulates through liver, spleen, longs,etc.
Influences the dinamic of the venous circulation by provoking a dilatation.
Accentuates the fattnesses metabolism and the glucide’s onewith releasing uree and uric acid.
Lows hidremy (the high level of water from the body).
Inhibates the nervious sistem( sleep and calming sensation).
The active substances transported by blood and get in the whole body, actioning in some intern diseases
Indications:States of disease,Asteny, Anemia.Nervous tulburations,Circulatorial tulburations,Metabolic tulburationsInsomnia , anxiety,Adjuvant in metabolic diseases , in intern diseases, in gutted, rheumatism or glandular tulburations.
Administration:In exclusivity for extern use
Counterindications:Aren’t any plants aren’t toxic
Adverse reactions:There weren’t any at a long usage
Other indications:It is recomanded that the fitobalneological procedures to be asociated with an intern treatment with one of the DENIPLANT produses, or with the medication established by the doctor.How we prepare the balneological baths:In 3-4l of water we put plants from a box. Eventualy, you can introduce them in a bag of med. lint. You boil it and after it starts boiling you let it on the fire for more5 minutes. You put them in your bath tube with water, at about35-40 degrees so it could cover the whole body.
The last of the bath is 15-30 minutes
After this procedure, the body won’t be dryed with the towel. You will dress up your bath overall and go to bed, very covered so the air could not get to the bodyfor at least an hour. After you sweated you dress up your cloths and go to bed normaly.