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Polenoplasmin natural remedy for paralysis in dogs

POLENOPLASMIN Produced under license from Deniplant ®

Nutritional supplement containing freeze-dried pollen from deniplant plants, carob powder and brewer’s yeast.

Due to its composition rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, the product Pollenoplasmin offers various possibilities to balance the processes that take place at the level of the nerve cell and the neuromuscular plate, and dopamine, through its role as a neurotransmitter, may be responsible for many neurological disorders,

For specific veterinary diseases and related cases

Puppy with broken spine and hind legs paralyzed…just talked to you about my amstaff puppy. I would be very happy if I could get hold of the drug polenoplasmin.
Please send me the details to which address I could send the money and if you can send me the medicine, or can I ask someone from Romania.
Thank you in advance.

,,,on Sunday 01.12.13 he slowly started to stop moving.
He started crying, in pain, until he could no longer stand on his feet.

..the paralysis started 6 weeks after she gave birth to 5 puppies, from one day to the next she could no longer walk and could no longer stand up on her back legs.

the puppy from Austria who was paralyzed with her back legs
….. he was administered 20 doses of polenoplasmin in 8 days
The first 4 days three times a day, then 2 times a day.