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Psoriasis and heredity

In order to preserve health and youth, to be able to live beyond the current average age, it is necessary to respect the following phrase: “The human being must live in harmony with the surrounding nature and strictly respect its rules. Man must obey nature, not man’s nature.” Any deviation from this rule will destroy the existing harmony inside and outside the human body, and from it arise diseases that bring suffering, physical and mental weakness.

According to medical statistics, psoriasis is not hereditary, but there may be a hereditary predisposition. It is not yet known which genetic factors are responsible for this. It is still not possible to specify whether cellular heredity (transmission of genetic information existing in DNA structures) or cytoplasmic heredity (transmission of genetic information existing in extranuclear formations) or chromosomal heredity (transmission of genetic information stored in chromosomes) transmits the information that can lead to the onset of psoriasis. It is certain that people who are sick with psoriasis can transmit that hereditary predisposition to their offspring. In other words, they are predisposed to have this disease. If during their life they go through special moments (physical, mental trauma, stress, etc.) and the body is weakened from an immune point of view, there are chances of triggering this disease. I met patients – sick mother and daughter (son) or uncle and niece. I met a case in Targul Mures where the grandfather and grandson had psoriasis, and the child’s father did not have this disease. However, most of the patients I talked to told me that they had no relatives with this disease in their family. You will ask yourself what to do in this case.

To answer this question, I will give you my own example again. Knowing that I suffered from this terrible disease, when my daughter Denis turned 6 months old and tea was introduced into her diet, from that moment on I also administered Deniplant Baby tea to her. Thus, I managed to strengthen his immune system and prevent him from getting sick easily. Thus, until the age of 14, my daughter, apart from the mandatory vaccines, did not undergo any antibiotic treatment. Every time there was a possibility of a mild cold or the flu, I intervened with known natural treatments and thus there was no need for specialized medical interventions. I met many people, even relatives who, having small children of 2-3 years old who had medical problems, resorted to strong treatments, with antibiotics, in order to get rid of the child from the disease faster. I would not want you to think that I recommend you not to follow what your pediatrician or family doctors prescribe, but in these cases it is good to think more about which treatment option you opt for. That is why I would recommend you to remember what my daughter has as her Motto:
“Why should we go to the doctor’s office for any minor ailment?! Phytotherapy helps the body to fight minor diseases through simple treatments”