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The therapeutic formula deniplant to Biobreaza

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Balneophysiotherapy helps the body to fight mild diseases through simple treatments.

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The first action that each of us must undertake after we have been diagnosed, is to document about the condition we suffer, and the possibilities of allopathic and natural treatment.
Thus knowledge and information become the primordial elements for healing.

The therapeutic formula deniplant to bio -bio

Because treatment with deniplant tea involves the cessation of any ointment or other drug and without diet, the following treatment scheme can be applied: 1. Deniplant tea – 750 ml of tea prepared according to a special procedure will be drunk in several sockets, throughout the day, the deniplant tea pack contains 30 daily doses. After the days spent in the resort, the treatment is continued at the patient’s home until the disappearance total lesions. The administration of the tea should not be interrupted suddenly but gradually a day yes, one day, for 2 months. If no lesion appears, tea can be permanently given up.

  1. Salted water with plants The salinity of the water used in the treatment base is about 100-150gr/liter (NaCl represents 97% of the mineral component of water), temperature 34-35gr C in the basin respectively the desired temperature (about 38gr.C ).
  2. Caolin having in its composition minerals such as: silicon, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese,
    We use it for partial and general packaging, heated to 39-42grc. The application layer on the skin is about 2mm thick. Those who have psoriasis and high blood pressure benefit from local hot kaolin application in a thin layer and without wrapping.
  3. Reflexotherapy by massage certain reflexogenic points is aimed at activating blood circulation, intensifying the normal skin functions, influencing tissue metabolism and achieving tonosadative aspects. 5. Lymphatic duration with Presso Symphony

Presso Symphony is a professional body remodeling apparatus that acts by precommissioning to ensure the most efficient lymphatic drainage.

The results of the pre-soterherapy are to mitigate the problems of peripheral circulation,-the elimination of water retention (in the case of the volume of extracellular water exceeding 43-45%),

-“breaking” the deposits of toxins and metabolic waste,

-their elimination by lymphatic drainage, the expected results: the decapation of the scales, which usually disappear completely; The erythematous placards are pale, the disobedience of the body of ointments or other allopathic drugs. The balneological baths together with the kaolin act on the surface and the deniplant tea inside the body, removing the internal deficiencies that trigger and maintain this disease.

As a result of this combined process, due to the fact that the skin has healed on the surface faster than the removal of the causes, it is possible that in the first period after the balneofito cure the lesions will appear again, but as the deniplant tea acts and the body is restored, they are restored, they They will not evolve too much negative but will withdraw, they will be smaller in size and will gradually disappear completely

If only the internal deficiencies were followed from the start only with the deniplant procedure, the treatment would be lasting and it would be possible that the body does not endure from the beginning the cessation of the use of the previously used ointments. See on the forum the evolution of patients only with deniplant.

*If in the first days of treatment the body does not resist without grease, a cosmetic cream can be used.

Depending on the results obtained, it will be established when the balneophitotherapy can be repeated in bio -bio

If you want to talk to those who do bio -bio -biobetotherapy, access one of the topics specially created on our forums

The following procedures can be used in the antipsoriasis cure: -kinetotherapy and individual-jackets with sodium bicarbonate